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The trail in France

The French part of the "Sur les Pas des Huguenots" trail, which is presented on this website, consists of approximately 360km of paths and 29 segments all the way until the Swiss border in Chancy.

The trail begins in Le Poet Laval near the museum - Musée du Protestantisme Dauphinois in the Drôme. It passes right next to the Saou forest, takes a small detour through the Vercor region's Natural Park via the pass - Col de Menée, and then crosses through the Isère via the Trièves, Matheysine and the Pays Vizilois. Between Grenoble and Barraux, the path crosses the Grésivaudan while heading alongside the Chartreuse region's Natural Park. Historically, the trail enters the Savoie when it reaches Fort Barraux. After Chambéry, it heads to the east around the Lac du Bourget, crosses Aix les Bains and then follows the banks of the lake until Chautagne. Once in Haute-Savoie, the reliefs of the Rhône valley and the Vuache plateau dictate the trail's path until Geneva and the international museum of the Reformation (Musée International de la Réforme). All along the path you can explore various cultural and natural sites rich in local heritage.

The French itinerary is continuously working towards consistent markings and an up to date trail guide. In addition to the main itinerary, there are alternative paths around local sites of interest and interesting thematic loops.

Every year, several national or local gatherings are organized by the National Association or by the project's partners in the various provinces along the itinerary.


Photo gallery

Château de Vizille Poteau Les Lombards l'Oisans en Isère Château Saint-André - Le Poet Celard Abbaye de Valcroissant - Diois Col de Menée - Diois Col de la Chaudière Le Poet Laval Eglise Trièves Eglise de Comps Le Poet Laval Col de Menée Mens Balisage Drôme Saou - Drôme Temple-Musée du Poet laval Lac du Bourget La Chartreuse