You will be taking part in an outdoors activity in a magnificent settings and around sites that are often delicate and protected. We would like to thank you if you would keep in mind the following recommendations :

  • Please make sure you are covered for the civil liabilities related to this activity.
  • According to the length of your hike please bring enough water and wear hiking shoes which are adapted to the weather.
  • Be careful as some sections may be difficult in rainy weather.
  • Please respect the environment and your fellow hikers by bringing your garbage back with you from the hike.
  • Please stay on the marked trails.
  • If you encounter a contradiction between the markings and the maps or guides please remember to follow the markings in the field.
  • Please remember that the GSM network does not cover the entirety of the itinerary and that the weather, vegetation, or a deep ravine may render a GPS useless. We recommend that you do not begin a portion of the trail without the map for that section.
  • Numerous parts of the trail will pass through private property. Please respect these areas and any activities in place (grazing, agriculture, foraging, etc...). Please make sure to always close barriers or gates after you open them and keep dogs on their leashes.
  • Certain livestock pastures are guarded by dogs. Stay away from the herd and do not enter the pasture with another dog even if he is on a leash.
  • In order to preserve the fauna et flora please refrain from gathering fruits, flowers, etc... Try to remain discreet so to avoid bothering the wildlife.
  • Please pay attention to the hunting seasons and try to be informed of the dates and the areas which are affected.
  • Do not light camp fires or even drop an extinguished cigarette ! If you notice a fire call the number 18.

Useful numbers

Emergency assistance : 15 or 112
Weather : 08 92 68 02 26

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