Private partners

The private partners cited below are members of the national association "Sur les Pas des Huguenots" and provide services for the project. They offer tourism related services that are structured to go hand in hand with the theme of the trail.

All legal persons who are members of the association can become partners by signing the project's charter and may thus :

  • gain the right to use the project's name and logo,
  • benefit from several communication privileges (their link on the website, in publications...),
  • create products relating to the theme (edibles, publications, merchandise...),
  • have the option of taking part in an initiation about the project's theme.

Becoming a partner involves :

  • signing and respecting the charter, which includes the project's philosophy and values,
  • clearly exhibiting ones involvement in the project (logo, plate....) while respecting the visual identity and logo of the project,
  • spreading and relaying information related to the project (bibliographical references, informational signs...),
  • participating in an initiation covering the theme of the project,
  • offering services of quality that meet the requirements of the project.

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