The project's goals

Through the creation of an itinerary and the various activities along it, the project aims to :

  • Promote the regions' common heritage, both Huguenot and Waldensian.
  • Support local economies through quality tourism.
  • Increase public awareness on cooperation and European citizenship through human interactions and exchanges.

"Sur les Pas des Huguenots" is a project full of possibilities. It includes several thematics which can be developed, such as the environment, the local heritage, and the regional history. It also offers a modern look at many age-old themes such as intolerance, immigration, emigration and integration. Questions relating to these themes and their impact can be exposed and examined. This historical perspective brings an added weight to this educational project.

The focus on international, national and local history can bring a new perspective to current events and allow for a positive approach to understanding our European and World citizenships.

For the various regions involved in the creation of this international itinerary, from Poët Laval to Bad Karlshafen, this project is an opportunity to promote a common local heritage.

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