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A common identity

During the first phase of the project, the various partners chose a common visual identifier which could be used in various manners across the four countries (communiques, published content, markings....).

The project logo

The various elements that comprise the logo

  • The circle represents the méreau which was a token given to Huguenots who attended assemblies held in the wilderness.   

The "méreau" was a token which each faithful Protestant, who wished to take communion, had to receive from an Elder in order to prove he had attended regularly, had not been admonished, and had contributed regularly to the Church's needs".

  • The international nature of the organization is represented by the project's name which is inscribed in different languages around the circle.
  • The blue represents the typical blue of the Waldensians from Piedmont.
  • The illustrated character is taken from a piece of earthenware in the Musée du Protestantisme Dauphinois and represents a Huguenot from the 17th century.
  • The green line symbolizes the trail that crosses the European landscape.
  • The use of an ancient 17th century font illustrates the project's historical substance.

Creation of the logo
cliquez pour agrandir l'image Creation of the logo

Along with the institutional logo there is a logo used for markings and for stencils.

Institutional logo
cliquez pour agrandir l'image Institutional logo
Marker with text
cliquez pour agrandir l'image Marker
with text
Marker without text
cliquez pour agrandir l'image Marker
without text
cliquez pour agrandir l'image Stencil