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The secondary paths

The secondary paths propose alternative options that have been validated by the National Association. These alternatives sometimes leave the main itinerary and then rejoin it later on. Secondary paths are of varying lengths. Sometimes they represent alternative paths used by a large number of exiles, or they may lead to a local site rich in heritage.

The only French secondary path is located in the segment between Chaudière and Die and proposes an alternative path through the Drôme valley from Pontaix to Die.

Two non-pedestrian alternatives are possible in France.

  • The first is the possibility to go from La Mure to Grenoble via a small tourist train. This is of course an opportunity for a little extra tourism but has no historical merit.
  • Secondly, it is possible to go from Aix les Bains to Le Bourget du Lac via a boat across the lake. This option is based on a historical alternative. In France, Switzerland, or Germany, whenever possible, the exiles used lakes and rivers to travel if they had the means.

décroissantOrdercroissant décroissantDistancecroissant décroissantTimecroissant
La Chaudière - Pontaix 27.4 km 9h
Pontaix - Die 18.0 km 5h30