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Vizille - Echirolles

Distance 14.3km
Time 4h
+ 497m
- 546m

François de Bonne, Duke of Lesdiguières

As a cadet and the son of a lawyer, the duke came from a modest background. Yet, for 45 years, he was the undisputed leader of the Dauphiné Protestants. A position he earned through his military genius, which also earned him the nickname "the mountain fox". Henry IV gave him the titles of General of the Dauphiné, Marshal of France, and Duke and Peer of Lesdiguières. After his abjuration and conversion to Catholicism, he was also named Supreme Commander of the French Armies, and the Governor of Picardie, Bourbonnais, and Artois. He was the guardian of the kingdom's eastern borders and successfully pushed back the Duke of Savoie who tried, several times, to invade the Provence and Dauphiné. In 1593, after peace was re-established, Lesdiguières acquired the Vizille lands and began to construct dikes along the Romanche. He had a new castle and immense park built during the first 20 years of the 17th century.

Vizille, birthplace of the French Revolution

Two centuries later the Lesdiguières castle was a textile printing factory owned by Claude Perier, an important bourgeois.  In 1788, after a series of riots in Grenoble, the Nobility, the Clergy, and the Third Estate met, against the monarchy's wishes, in the Vizille castle's game room.   Under the leadership of Barnave and Mounier, "books of grievances" where sent to the King and other provincial parliaments. Once the parliaments of Bretagne and Bordeaux followed suite, the revolution had truly been put into motion. Just a year, later the Bastille was stormed. The castle was the summer home for French presidents from 1925 to 1975. It now houses the National Museum and the Center for Documentation on the French Revolution.

The Battle of Jarrie

August 19th, 1587 During the eighth and last Religious War, France was torn between three clans : the King of France and his moderate Catholics, the King of Navarre and his Protestants, and the Duke of Guise and his league of ultra-Catholics. In 1587, Henry of Navarre was preparing an important offensive against the Lorraine and the Duke of Guise. It was in this context that the Catholic armies led by La Valette, Ornano and Rame and an army of Swiss mercenaries led by Cugy met on the Herbey, Brié et Haute Jarrie plateau. Lesdiguières's and Chatillon's Protestant army was waiting in the Champ plain but could not cross the Romanche as the bridge was in ruins. The Swiss pikemen, with their old fashion weapons, were no match for the Catholic army's horsemen with arquebus guns. The battle was short-lived and left almost 1500 dead : almost all of them Swiss. Although hardly remembered by Grenoble region, this was the largest battle to ever take place in the region.

Bataille de Jarrie - Robert Aillaud Bataille de Jarrie - Robert Aillaud Duc de Lesdiguières - Robert Aillaud Duc de Lesdiguières - Robert Aillaud Duc de Lesdiguières - Robert Aillaud Vue sur la vallée de la Romanche - Melsen Johannes Château de Vizille - Robert Aillaud Château de Vizille - Robert Aillaud

Tourist information

Parc Géo Charles    Échirolles

Geo Charles 7 apidae

Beautiful park with ancient trees, Rose Garden and pond.

Téléphone : 04 76 22 58 63




























musée chimie


musee de la vsicose

Settled between the lands of the old factory and the city-state of workers, the museum tells 60 years of History related to The Viscose. The invention of the artificial silk, its manufacturing’s' process and the universe of Viscose people between 1927 and 1989.

Téléphone : 04 76 33 08 28




Maison musée 1

Mairie de Jarrie    Jarrie


Clos Jouvin garden    Jarrie


The Clos Jouvin is an “English style” landscaped garden adorned with fountains and vast spaces. Close to the building itself you will find small enclosure with horses, peacocks, sheep, chickens and more.

Téléphone : 04 76 68 88 01

Robert Buisson park    Échirolles

Robert Buisson 2 apidae

Large park ideal for walks and sport.

Téléphone : 04 76 20 63 00

Saint-Etienne Church    Jarrie


This church boasts a hidden treasure that is well worth the detour. Its walls have been entirely painted, thereby enhancing and magnifying the Romanesque arches. Some of the subjects painted are somewhat surprising, such as the palm trees on the choir wall.

Téléphone : 04 76 68 88 01

Saint Sulpice church, Bresson    Bresson


Constructed in the eleventh century and situated in the village of Bresson, this church demonstrates the religious and historical heritage of the village and its surroundings.

Téléphone : 04 76 25 26 61

Notre-Dame des Charbonnaux Church    Jarrie


This is a small country church on a hillside, complete with a little fountain and spreading linden tree… This was the church of a Benedictine priory dating back to the 11th century that underwent renovations in the 19th century, when the bell tower was added. Located near Le Clos Jouvin, you can admire the church during a hike up to the Crêt de Champagnier.

The game Reserve of Jarrie    Jarrie


Let yourself discover the beneficial effects of a stopover at the pond of Jarrie.

Téléphone : 04 76 98 38 57

The chemistry Museum    Jarrie

Musee Chimie_nov 2014 (16)

Situated in Jarrie, in the basement of the Jouvin house since 1987. It recounts the story, the techniques and the applications of the chemical industry in the agglomeration of Grenoble.

Téléphone : 04 76 68 62 18

The castle of Bon Repos    Jarrie


This castle was edified around the year 1450 and modified at the beginning of the Renaissance period. There, one can get a view of the whole valley of Jarrie and it gives a lot of personality to the landscape.

Viscose Museum    Échirolles


On an old industrial site, 60 years of viscose history is told: the invention of artificial silk, the manufacturing process, the work in the factory, the life of the factory workers in the industrial housing complexes.

Téléphone : 0476330828
Téléphone : 04 76 22 58 63

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Tourist Offices

Accommodation Partners Accommodation Partners

Other Accommodations

  Other accommodationÉchirolles

Résidence Campus des Sciences Grenoble Grand'Place

Hôtel-restaurant Chavant    Hotel - restaurantBresson


A birdsong wakes you up in this Chavant family hostel! At the edge of a wood, in a little village, an invitation to well-being and gourmand exchanges.Find intimacy, friendliness and authenticity for a night in the countryside, right by Grenoble...

Téléphone : 04 76 25 25 38

  Bed & breakfastJarrie

Vue terrasse de loin_crFalque

Welcome home! For one night or more, we offer two quiet room in our house. The place is nice, from the terrace you have a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains, and you're in the countryside near Grenoble.

Téléphone : 04 76 68 61 40
Téléphone : 06 74 55 37 06

Résidence de la Rotonde    Other accommodationÉchirolles


  Other accommodationÉchirolles

Résidence les 5 Fontaines

  Other accommodationÉchirolles


Hôtel Best Western Dauphitel    Hotel - restaurantÉchirolles


The hotel benefits from an overwhelming mountainous panorama, located next to the major roads which lead to the ski resorts of Isère, and to Alpexpo hall. 68 bedrooms, restaurant, meeting rooms, free car-park, outdoor swimming-pool and free access to WI-FI (by optical fiber).

Téléphone : 04 76 33 60 60

Campsite L'Imprévu    CampsiteVaulnaveys-le-Bas


A camping situated at the foot of the Belledonne massif , in a quiet, rural and friendly surrounding. Open all the year round. During the high season, one can use the swimming pool, jacuzzi, and enjoy many activities. Cultural and sportive visits all around. The area is close to several ski resorts and the thermal resort of Uriage.

Téléphone : 04 76 89 27 39
Téléphone : 06 81 41 09 91

Youth hostel    Youth hostelsÉchirolles


This certification guarantees a high level of service and optimal quality. The hostel allows you to organize your stay in compliance with legal requirements. It offers competitve prices, a large capacity (130 beds), flexible dining service, meeting rooms, and free monitored car and coach parking. The hostel thus welcomes groups and individuals from all over the world. Rooms sleep 2, 4, 6, or 8 people.

Téléphone : 04 76 09 33 52



Café de La Gare    RestaurantJarrie


Local and traditionnal cooking.

Téléphone : 04 76 68 88 23



The Pirates' Table is a restaurant atypically adorned. In the indoor scenery of a ship, you will be carried in the world of pirates. The proper place to welcome both parents and children!

Téléphone : 09 67 34 25 22



Hippopotamus Echirolles    RestaurantÉchirolles

41550426_353134998562629_4192650411821236224_n (1)

Come and enjoy a good grilled meat with friends or family, in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Téléphone : 04 76 29 65 28

Tablapizza    RestaurantÉchirolles


Pizzeria, Southern France Specialities

Téléphone : 04 76 68 43 19

Les 3 brasseurs    RestaurantÉchirolles

3 brasseurs

A microbneweny, a restaurant. Dishes revolved around beer made on site: traditional and lavish. Karaoké on Tuesday, music live on Thursday and children menus free on Saturday lunch.

Téléphone : 04 76 29 17 53

Restaurant le trolle    RestaurantÉchirolles


Our restaurant is opened to all guests. It proposes a menu “à la carte” as well as different set menus with fresh and seasonal products. Private garden facing the Belledonne moutain.

Téléphone : 04 76 33 60 60

Instants Partagés au Fil des Saisons    RestaurantÉchirolles


Restaurant Chavant    Hotel-RestaurantBresson


Restaurant Côté Park    RestaurantBresson


The Coté Park du Golf de Bresson restaurant offers an exceptional setting that blends idyllic groomed flower gardens with a grandiose view of the surrounding mountains.

Téléphone : 04 76 73 65 20

Other Services

Pharmacie de l'Enclos    ServicesJarrie


Pharmacie Bonnet    ServicesJarrie

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