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Valcroissant - Châtillon-en-Diois

Distance 11.6km
Time 5h30
+ 880m
- 896m



Nested at the foot of Glandasse, the Abbey of Valcroissant is more than 800 years old. She was in the past painted in white, with grey flat stones covering the roof. This Cistercian place was often frequented by the Huguenots.
Notre-Dame of Valcroissant, tapped by time, survives eight centuries of history. It is a former Cistercian abbey of the XIIth century, classified as a "Historical Monument" since 1975. The abbey was ruined during the religious wars of the XVIth century. At the Revolution it was abandoned by the monks of Citeaux, which very probably saved her from further ruin. It then becomes a farm. This agricultural activity saved the building and ensured its maintenance.
At the end of the XIXth century, Jules Dautheville, the second minister of Die lived there with the minister Soubeyran, and had the idea to install an orphanage, but he died at the age of 46 without realising his project. His grave is situated on a small woody hill between the Abbey and the “Pas de la Roche”. First, Jules and Pauline Dautheville first lived in Montauban, where Jules studied theology, afterwards they came to Die. They stayed at the abbey during the summer of 1892 and, enchanted by the place, they bought it in 1893. They first lived there intermittently, then, in 1896, when Jules was appointed minister of Die, permanently. The abbey had lands which were farmed (agriculture and livestock).
Marcel Légaut took over the exploitation with his wife and his six children. This brilliant academic decided to give up everything. He settled down in the hills of Haute-Provence, became a shepherd and afterwards bought the abbey which he began to restore. Somehow or other, he restored the abbey church and made a sheepfold of it.
His son, the current owner, continued this restoration. Today it is a farm with ewes and a holiday cottage. A concert hall was fitted out in the former dining hall of the abbey and the arched kitchen has been transformed into a lodge. The sheepfold is still installed in the nave of the church. The convent is visible, but has lost parts of its galleries. 
By the convent we have access to all the parts of the Abbey: the church, the room of the chapter and the sacristy. The dining hall is also accessable from the convent. It has a surface of 140 square meters; the height of the vault measures ten meters and the acoustics are excellent. It still possesses the reader's pulpit, the frescoes of the XIVth century and in the vault, red stars on white background. The dining hall is very well lit by lanceolate windows. Sources : Yves Levin's various papers.
Peacefully situated near the Valcroissant brook to which she owes her name, the former abbey can be visited.  Contact : Mr. and Mrs Légaut 04 75 22 12 70.


Abbaye de Valcroissant - Abbaye de Valcroissant - Abbaye de Valcroissant - Abbaye de Valcroissant - Abbaye de Valcroissant - Abbaye de Valcroissant -

Tourist information

Temple de Chatillon-en-Diois    Châtillon-en-Diois

Temple de Boulc    Boulc

Ruines de l'église Saint Nicolas    Châtillon-en-Diois

Temple de Ravel    Boulc

Guided tour of the village of Châtillon-en-Diois    Châtillon-en-Diois


Medieval village hugging the rock where used to stand a castle which gave its name to the village. Houses with Roman tile roofs. Discovery of the village, its “viols” (alleys) and its numerous flowered fountains.

Téléphone : 06 85 31 89 58





The Gorges des Gâts are made by the stream des Gâts, between Châtillon en Diois and Glandage. Walks are possible on old access trails to abandoned villages.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 10 07

Tune de la Varaime (cave)    Boulc

Half day instructive walk (2 to 2:30 hours walk return, 250 m difference in height) discovering a sheepfold cave with prehistoric engravings.

Téléphone : 06 83 07 29 22

Cimetière protestant de Chatillon en Diois    Châtillon-en-Diois

“Top cimetery” or Protestant cimetery inaugurated after the 1787 "Patent of Toleration".

Cimetières protestants de Laval d'Aix    Laval-d'Aix

In 1866, 152 Protestant families were living in the village and 20 Catholic ones. In 1992, there were still 18 family cimeteries in the village.

Cimetière catholique de Chatillon-en-Diois    Châtillon-en-Diois

First Protestant cemetery, removed in 1685, was located at the same place as the present Catholic one


Posté par Didier Hutin le 15/08/2020 :

Très mauvaise expérience à l'hôtel du Dauphiné/le Bistroquet. Mauvais accueil, bruit et inconfort, repas insuffisants et sans goût, pique nique inadmissible.

Le tout pour très cher. A fuir.

Posté par johannes le 29/11/2019 :

Laurence Aubert a un petit appartement à Châtillon en Diois où elle peut héberger une ou 2 personnes, marcheurs du Chemin des Huguenots. Elle n’y est pas en permanence, mais si on téléphone suffisamment à l’avance elle peut s’organiser 

Téléphone 0620594994

Posté par Christiane sur le chemin des Huguenots le 04/06/2019 :

 Nous n'avons pas put trouver d'hebergement sur Chatillon,  we Ascencion,  raid VTT tout le we plus festival folk.  Déviés sur St Roman,  chambres hôtes tenus par des jeunes extrêmement sympathiques. 

Posté par misette le 28/11/2018 :

 je recommande le gite du tricot à Chatillon où j'ai séjourné une nuit en septembre 2017. Gite de groupe avec petit dèj. situé dans le village à l'entrée en venant  de Die par le chemin des Huguenots.

Posté par Johannes Melsen le 09/03/2012 :

Le Gîte d'étape "La tune de l'Ours" est situé à distance du sentier, mais s'engage à venir chercher les randonneurs et à les ramener sur le sentier le lendemain.


Tourist Offices

Pays Diois Tourist Office - Châtillon-en-Diois    Tourism institutionsChâtillon-en-Diois


Located at the center of the commercial street which cross Châtillon-en-Diois, at the feet of the medieval center, our office is at the square corner. A large public bench surrounds it, stop to get information or free Internet connexion thanks to "Cigale".

Téléphone : 04 75 21 10 07

Accommodation Partners Accommodation Partners

Bénevise Gîte    Group gîteChâtillon-en-Diois


Located under the Col de Menée, this "gîte" is a large stone house typical of the region. Many activities are within reach: hiking, climbing, mountain bike, speleology, canyoning, botanic walks…

Téléphone : 04 75 21 16 14
Téléphone : 06 44 08 67 69

Les Chaussières Campsite    CampsiteChâtillon-en-Diois


Wooded campsite situated at the heart of the medieval village of Châtillon-en-Diois, near the river, with shade and a family atmosphere, at the foot of the Hauts Plateaux du Vercors and close to the Clairette and local wines domains.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 10 30
Téléphone : 06 43 00 25 00

Other Accommodations

Oasis de Lao    Bed & breakfastBoulc

pièce 2 (2)

A place of revitalisation, transmission and convivial meetings in a preserved environment. L'Oasis de Lao has vast outdoor spaces, wooden attic rooms, and they serve gourmet ethnic cuisine.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 33 01

Gîte du Suel    Group gîteChâtillon-en-Diois

Pierre and Annie welcome you in their gîte, in this stunning part of the world at the foot of the Glandasse Mountain. Located on the outskirts of the medieval village of Châtillon, the gîte is attached to the main house built of local stones and is on the 'Chemins du Soleil'' mountain bike trail.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 13 49

Gîte La Salamandre    Group gîteBoulc


On a 30ha of land, in a hamlet in the core of a preserved nature, quiet inn renovated with wood and natural materials. For 19 people : 7comfortable single rooms with common lavatories and separated toilets.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 24 72
Téléphone : 06 83 90 23 20

Camping GCU Le Pré des Moulins    CampsiteChâtillon-en-Diois


Lac bleu – Koawa Vacances Camp site    CampsiteChâtillon-en-Diois


Welcome to the Lac Bleu campsite at the heart of the Drôme valley: we are at the foot of the Vercors and around the corner from Provence. Here, everything is sparkling !! The sunshine, the lake, nature and the well-known Clairette - local sparkling wine - will delight your family.

Téléphone : 04 66 600 700

Le Moulin de Ravel    Bed & breakfastBoulc

MP34 - Boulc - Moulin Ravel (800x532)

In a former farm with its 17th Century mill, in the mountains, isolated, quiet place in the middle of nature, 4 comfortable rooms with private bathroom and toilets, large living room. Heated swimming pool.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 35 71
Téléphone : 06 70 96 47 18

Les Paons du Jour - Bruandet Evelyne    Bed & breakfastChâtillon-en-Diois


Ecofriendly wooden house built on a large ground, 500 meters from the village, carefully designed to make you feel at home. Facing the mountain, 3 independent bedrooms with bathrooms and private terraces. Organic breakfast. Restaurant within 5 min walk and open all year round.

Téléphone : 06 33 80 37 10
Téléphone : 06 81 99 74 52
Téléphone : 04 75 21 13 34

Hôtel-Restaurant Le Bistroquet    Hotel - restaurantChâtillon-en-Diois

P1050487 (800x600)

The Hotel Restaurant Le Bistroquet welcomes you in its rooms full of old-fashioned charm, at the heart of the medieval village.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 13 13
Téléphone : 06 80 93 47 90

Chez Véro    Bed & breakfastChâtillon-en-Diois


In a medieval village centre, at the foot of the Vercors, ideal place for many outdoor activities, comfortable bedrooms for one or several nights. TV room with library. Terrace on the square. Catering.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 19 31
Téléphone : 06 24 49 81 21

Le Sareymond    Bed & breakfastChâtillon-en-Diois

LS 1

At the heart of remarkable natural sites - Cirque d’Archiane, Vallon de Combeau - we are pleased to welcome you at “Sareymond", 4 comfortable en-suite bedrooms. Jacuzzi. We serve home made meals on request. Free wifi access and car park.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 73 66

'La Tune de l'Ours' Gîte    Group gîteBoulc


A warm welcome in a country inn nestled at the heart of a small village, close to a river and many footpaths.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 12 94

Gîte d'étape Refuge d'Archiane    RefugeChâtillon-en-Diois


Situated at the heart of Archiane hamlet, at the foot of the "Jardin du Roi" cliffs, the stop-over lodge offers bedrooms for 4 to 6 people and regional cuisine. Activities: hiking, climbing, caving, water rafting.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 24 47


Farmhouse inn La Salamandre    Farmhouse innBoulc


From traditional French cuisine to world one, Luc offers a creative one, made of organic and/or local porducts, in season, from his farm and nearby ones. You just have to make your choice ont the displayed menu. Organic homemade pizzas at the evening in summer.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 24 72
Téléphone : 06 83 90 23 20


"Les Deux Mondes" Tea Room / Pancake House    Châtillon-en-Diois


Les Deux Mondes : literary tea, philosophical coffee and tasty pancakes at the heart of Châtillon-en-Diois village.

Téléphone : 07 50 40 87 19

Le Moulin d'Enzo    RestaurantChâtillon-en-Diois

VRESP7 (320x240)

An old stone mill alongside the river Bez, between the vineyards and the Vercors' cliffs. Traditional cuisine, pizzeria. A warm welcome awaits you. Our specialties are pizzas - Archiane Trout and Ravioles gratins...

Téléphone : 06 72 84 19 55

Restaurant le Bistroquet    Hotel-RestaurantChâtillon-en-Diois

P1050487 (800x600)

Le Bistroquet restaurant, at the Hôtel de Dauphiné, offers a traditional cuisine of many flavours.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 13 13
Téléphone : 06 80 93 47 90

Le Lac Bleu Restaurant    RestaurantChâtillon-en-Diois

On the edge of the lake, we offer a traditional cuisine to eat on the spot or to take away (grill formulas, pizza, snack, ice cream..) bread and groceries. Service at the counter ,7/7, all day and at every hour. Catering service.

Snack de la Piscine    Châtillon-en-Diois

VRESP8 (800x740)

Pizza on the spot or take away, "ravioles" and other pastas, salads, meats, home made desserts and daily menu. Snacking (paninis, waffles...).

Téléphone : 04 75 21 15 13

Restaurant-Café de la Mairie    RestaurantChâtillon-en-Diois

Café de la Mairie - Chatillon

In the core of the medieval village, in a café atmosphere for the lunch and a cosy one for the evening, Véronique compose a French cuisine with local products of the market. Come discover also our organic and natural wines.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 19 31
Téléphone : 06 24 43 81 21

La Tune de l'Ours Inn    Country innBoulc

MP22 - Boulc - Tune de l'Ours (800x600)

Warm welcome in a countryside inn. Close to a river and departure point of several hiking paths.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 12 94

Le Clos des Lilas    RestaurantChâtillon-en-Diois

Clos des Lilas - Chatillon

In a pleasant and shaded location, bar, restaurant, dance hall (open at the week-end in the low season), boule playing field and pub-live, close to the medieval village. A friendly, family atmosphere. We welcome groups and events.

Téléphone : 06 18 80 13 34

Le Caveau    RestaurantChâtillon-en-Diois


Delightfully installed at the shadow of hundred years old chestnut trees, you will taste one typical cuisine from our region. Park ajoining the restaurant open on demand, ideal for private receptions. Heliport. Private or gastronomic flight. Helicopter first flights organised in summer.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 18 77

Other Services

Pharmacie Angelvin    ServicesChâtillon-en-Diois

Pharmacy, drugstore, herbalist and orthopaedics.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 16 40

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