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St Jean d'Herans - La Mure

Distance 10.3km
Time 3h
+ 445m
- 388m

THE TRIEVES : "a rich and abundant region where nothing is lacking" ! 

Who better the Giono to describe the Trièves countryside with poetry and sensitivity ?

The region's climate and reliefs make it a rural and dynamic area whose main resource is it's agricultural production. It would be a real shame to leave the Trièves without having tasted it's local produce. With a focus on quality farming, the area offers a large array of products.

The little wine from Prébois, the bouffette de Mens, the caillette, the lamb, or the tourtons found on the market are all characteristic of this region. The presence of livestock as well as hemp and grain production color the mountainside and create contrasting landscapes...

Le Pont de Cognet  

The Drac river was often times a barrier between the Trièves and the Matheysine as bridges were often carried away by violent flooding of the torrent, especially during the melting of the winter snow. Yet, when this was not the case, the bridges offered a true link between the two regions, uniting both banks of the river.

The bridge Pont de Cognet has connected the Trièves and Matheysine since the Roman period. It served it's purpose well until the Religious Wars rendered it unusable. The Duke of Lesdiguières built a fort on the Matheysin side to control the bridge. It was taken over by the Catholics and then taken back by the Protestants who finally destroyed it so they "wouldn't have to win it back again!" In 1605, the Duke had another bridge built several meters away from the first bridge. The bridge was constructed under the watchful eyes of two Matheysins, Pierre Salomon (master mason) and Jean Albert (master carpenter) who later built, in 1607, one of the seven wonders of the Dauphiné : the bridge "le Pont de Claix". 

What to see : The Protestant church in la Mure, the Matheysin museum, the Cognet church, the hiker's footbridge over the Drac near Mayres-Savel (200m long and 45m above the water).  

Saint-Jean d'Hérans - Syndicat d'aménagement du Trièves Saint-Jean d'Hérans - Syndicat d'aménagement du Trièves Pont de Cognet - Pascal Lluch Saint-Jean d'Hérans - Syndicat d'aménagement du Trièves La halle de La Mure - D. Combe

Tourist information

Musuem "Musée Matheysin"    La Mure

DC Exterieur Musée (2009)

Located in the oldest house of La Mure, the museum explains the history of Matheysine and its inhabitants, through exhibition of objects, maquettes and pictures.

Téléphone : 04 76 30 98 15

  La Mure


  La Mure

Musee MatheysinAffiche-Le_plateau_et_les_gants

  La Mure

L'homme et l'oiseau – crédit  Catherine Vêt

  La Mure

L'homme et l'oiseau – crédit  Catherine Vêt

  La Mure


Castle of Beaumont    La Mure

chateau beaumont et Obiou

The castle has been built in the second part of 15th century by Humbert de Comboursier, royal chatelain of La Mure. Dauphins are used to come in this castle to rest and hunt. It has been

Téléphone : 04 76 81 18 24
Téléphone : 04 76 81 05 71

School Pérouzat    La Mure

DC école perrouzat

In 1889, a public school for girls has been built on the square Pérouzat, through Alfred Chion-Ducollet. From neo classical style, its pediment is decorated with the arms of the city.

Téléphone : 04 76 81 18 24
Téléphone : 04 76 81 05 71

Church Saint-Pierre-Julien-Eymard    La Mure

photos été 2009 029

It was the parish church of La Mure. Formerly romanesque church, strong with solid walls and buttresses, it has been modified several times, over the centuries. Composed of 1 unique nave, its massive bell tower has been restored in 2009.

  La Mure

maison du Père Eymard

City hall    La Mure


Between 1891 - 1892, Alfred Chion-Ducollet, mayor at that time, built the city hall, whose stones come from a local quarry (Versenat).

Téléphone : 04 76 81 18 24
Téléphone : 04 76 81 05 71

  La Mure


Posté par Philippe le 18/09/2020 :

Nuitée à l'hôtel Murtel, que je peux recommender. Petite piscine à disposition. 

Posté par misette le 28/11/2018 :

venant de Mens le 30 aout, nous avons logé, une nuit,  à 3, dans la petite maison de Violette et Patrick à la Mure. Réservation par AirNB; excellent rapport qualité prix et ce n'est pas loin du centre.

Posté par Johannes Melsen le 27/02/2012 :

Information de la Résidence Château Beaumont à La Mure : " Nous prenons des marcheurs mais uniquement si nous avons de la place et cela ne peut être fait qu'au dernier moment et dans la mesure où les personnes arrivent un jour de semaine. Cela fait beaucoup de contraintes mais c'est possible".



Tourist Offices

  Tourism institutionsLa Mure


Accommodation Partners Accommodation Partners

Other Accommodations

Aire de camping-cars à la Mure    Camper van service/reception areaLa Mure

The accès to the camper area is situated on the avenue : boulevard Fréjus Michon. the area is reserved for campers and forbidden for all other vehicules 7 places.

Téléphone : 04 76 81 50 60

Le relais Matheysin    Group gîteLa Mure

la chambre

Situated at the border of the city center of La Mure d'Isère (38350) specialy equiped for groupes of 15 persons until 30 persons the whole year araound and 130 persons during the school holidays. Next to the shops, cultural infrastructure, sportactivities, health center, hospital, medical center. The city organises lots of festivities and do not hesitate to tast the local gastronomy. Garden and Terras Ideal for Sportorganisations Swimmingpool, Sporthall, tennis, ski, watersport, mountainbike, cyclo etc...

Téléphone : 0476303010

Hôtel Restaurant Murtel    Hotel - restaurantLa Mure

Copie de enterrasse2Murtel

Tree star hotel with 38 bedrooms all equiped with private bathroom, toilet and television. The hotel has its own swimmingpool and bicycle garage. Eletric cars can be loaded on the parking of the hôtel (two special chargers for Tesla Cars )

Téléphone : 04 76 30 96 10

Hôtel Restaurant Centeleghe    Hotel - restaurantLa Mure


5 bedrooms equiped with all modern comfort( 4 rooms with bathroom and toilet in the room) inluding one family room + one economy room with toilet in the corridor. A family hotel idealy situated in the center of the town.

Téléphone : 04 76 81 02 29

Hôtel Pizzeria Dolce Vita    Hotel - restaurantLa Mure


9 rooms with shower and private toilets. Television in all rooms. Full and halfpension . Bikegarage, animals are accepeted, free WIFI. A Restaurant-menu with Italian specialities.

Téléphone : 06 83 96 27 82
Téléphone : 04 76 81 01 03


Mc Donald's La Mure    RestaurantLa Mure


Table service, Drive (order in your car) - birthday for children, free wifi - order by internet (GO Mcdonalds on

Téléphone : 04 76 30 26 21

Uncle Joe's    RestaurantLa Mure


American cooking with the french touch, dinner and concert every Friday and Saturday evening.

Téléphone : 04 56 56 20 90
Téléphone : 06 28 50 44 97

  RestaurantLa Mure

  RestaurantLa Mure

  Food truckNantes-en-Ratier

l'Atelier des Saveurs    RestaurantLa Mure


Cooking depending on the seasons, with fresh and home-made products. In a simple decorated room, in front of the city hall of La Mure

Téléphone : 0456562612

Kebab Des Alpes    RestaurantLa Mure


Kebab, tacos and Turkish specialities

Téléphone : 0982573069

Pizza Giaco    RestaurantLa Mure


Family cuisine : italian and french, pizza

Téléphone : 0476810549

La Cantine des Tontons    RestaurantLa Mure

la cantine des tontons 2

Traditional cooking, in a dining room with a 60's cinema atmosphere. The menu is often changed.

Téléphone : 04 76 81 00 89

Restaurant l'Entrepotes    RestaurantLa Mure


Traditional cooking and home remedy

Téléphone : 04 76 83 90 20

Restaurant Côté Jardin    RestaurantLa Mure


Traditional cooking with local specialities. Nice flowered terrace, where you will have some peace.

Téléphone : 04 76 30 71 43

Chez la Ka    RestaurantLa Mure


Téléphone : 04 76 30 49 58

l'O à la bouche    RestaurantLa Mure


Dining room, veranda and terrace with a panorama view over Le Paradis, menus depending on the season, daily menu, traditional and local cooking.

Téléphone : 04 76 30 95 61

Restaurant Centeleghe Pat et Ghis' home    Hotel-RestaurantLa Mure

photo salle du restaurant

Family cuisine. Local specialities on request : pies, ravioles, pognes de taillons...

Téléphone : 04 76 81 02 29

La Mine à Crêpes    RestaurantLa Mure


A creperie with an authentic know-how, where you can taste crepes, buckwheat pancakes, classical or special, savory or sweet. In winter, discover our daily dishes. South facing terrace, to eat in or take away.

Téléphone : 06 36 00 34 53

Le Murtel    Hotel-RestaurantLa Mure

Copie de enterrasse

Local and traditional cooking, menus, à la carte, specialities. Nice terrace with swimming pool and playground for children.

Téléphone : 04 76 30 96 10

EFE    RestaurantLa Mure


Oriental Turkish restaurant

Téléphone : 06 69 33 65 07
Téléphone : 09 52 37 62 02

Le Melezein    RestaurantLa Mure


Traditional cooking and specialities. Various dishes : salad, fishes, grilled food and home-made desserts. The menu is different on the evening and the week-end.

Téléphone : 04 76 30 88 14

Le Chamois des Alpes    RestaurantLa Mure


Traditional cooking, local specialities on request.

Téléphone : 04 76 81 34 80

Chez Ghislaine    RestaurantLa Mure


An authentic pretty restaurant. Discover traditional french cooking. Enjoy the savour of french classic with the Ghislaine touch.

Téléphone : 04 76 81 03 69

Divina Pizza    RestaurantLa Mure

Divina pizza

Pizza, pasta, salad, to eat in or take away. Terrace

Téléphone : 04 76 30 84 69

La Dolce Vita    RestaurantLa Mure


Traditional italian cuisine. Pizza for lunch and dinner.

Téléphone : 04 76 81 01 03

Other Services

  ServicesLa Mure

  ServicesLa Mure

  ServicesLa Mure

  ServicesLa Mure

  ServicesLa Mure

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