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Seyssel - Frangy

Distance 17.2km
Time 5h
+ 589m
- 519m


In 1536, the states of Savoie were invaded from three directions. The King, Francis I, quickly conquered Bresse, Bugey, Savoie, the Genevan lands, Faucigny, Tarentaise and Maurienne. The Berne troops, allied with Geneva, occupied the Vaud lands, Chablais to the west of the Dranse, the Ternier (the plains of Saint-Julien) and the Gaillard bailiwicks, and lower Faucigny where they introduced Protestantism. At the same time, the inhabitants of lower Valais and the Chablais (up to the Dranse) sided with the Valais in order to escape the Berne Protestants. By then the princes of Savoie had lost almost all of their states. 
Through the Treaty of Cateau-Cambrésis of 1559, the King of France, Henry II, and the Swiss, were obliged to surrender the Savoie states back to the Duke of Savoie. Only the Vaud lands remained under the control of Berne.

Between 1599 and 1600, Henry IV invaded the Savoie, Bresse and Bugey once again. His troops took over all the cities and forts that the Duke had had such trouble constructing. The entire Savoie was under French control in only a few weeks. In the Treaty of Lyon of 1601, the King of France kept possession of all the Duke's lands on the right bank of the Rhône as well as all the bridges, the municipality located at the tip of the Savoie, and the trails on the left bank between Pierre-Châtel and Seyssel. Thus the Savoie was forbidden access to navigable waters.  

Frangy - Chaumont

The village of Frangy recieved many travelers and merchandise as it was located on the Roman thoroughfare that connected Vienne (capital of the Allobroges) and Geneva (a European trade city). The village has produced a famous white wine, called "la Roussette", since the 14th century. According to the legend, a duke of Savoie brought the Altesse grape variety from Cyprus on his way back from the Byzantine Empire,where he had gone to wage war.
During the Middle Ages, the village of Frangy was dependent of the lordship of Chaumont, which was located in the foothills of the Vuache mountains. In November, 1590, during the Religious Wars, the Genevans and the inhabitants of Berne burned Frangy after having failed in their attack against the fortified Chaumont. During this period the chatelaine of Chaumont was also executed for his refusal to abjure his protestant beliefs.
The village of Chaumont was of strategic and administrative value due to its location along the Geneva-Seyssel thoroughfare. Up until the 18th century, the burg was even home to a highly profitable and semi-clandestine traffic of wheat from France to Geneva. The produce originated from the Valserine valley in Savoie and transited through Chaumont before reaching its destination. This traffic rapidly declined once France annexed the Valserine in 1760. In the 19th century, Chaumont lost prominence to the growing importance of Frangy.  
At the beginning of the century, the village of Fragny had only a few routes connecting it to the rest of the world: the Seyessel road, the Geneva road (via Chaumont) and the Chambéry road (via Rumilly).
The large bridge that crosses the "Usses" at the western edge of Frangy was constructed by Charles Emmanuel II (1643-1675) who died during its construction. This bridge became the best route between Chambéry and Geneva.
After the revolution of December 15th, 1792 in the Mont-Blanc department, Frangy was annexed by France until 1798. Then the department was split in two, and one half was shared with Léman until November 1815.
Although the Protestant influence  from Geneva was quite strong, the region remained faithful to the Roman Catholic Church and particularly Francis de Sales to whom the population was truly devoted.
Francis de Sales (15671622) was a bishop of the Piedmont. He was born in the Sales Castlenear Thorens-Glières(a city belonging to the Savoie duchy and which is now a municipalityin the departmentof Haute-Savoie).
Although noble born, he chose to follow his faith and gave up his noble titles. He was one of the most recognized Christian theologists and became the Bishop of Geneva.  He held considerable influence not only inside the Catholic Church but also among temporal leaders such as the dukes Charles-Emmanuel Iand Victor-Amédée I of Savoieas well as the kingsHenry IVand Louis XIII of France.


Following the Protestant Reform and the development of Calvinism in 1536, the See of Geneva was exiled to Annecy. In a famous speech Francis de Sales announced his program: "It is through charity that we must rattle the walls of Geneva, through charity that we must conquer and regain the city (...)." 
Grand Pont de Frangy par où passe le sentier - Florence Cochet Église de Frangy - Florence Cochet Ruines du château de Chaumont - Bernard Charrier Le Vuache - Bernard Charrier Vignoble à Frangy - Jean-Paul Neyroud Plateau de la Sainte (Frangy) avec vue sur Mandallaz et Tournette - Florence Cochet Place de l'église Frangy - Bernard Charrier

Tourist information

Guided tours of Chaumont    Chaumont

2011-11-12 15.09.00


Forum of environment    Frangy

In the footsteps of the beaver of Usses    Desingy

zoom sur les traces du castor -01-06 CP SMECRU 2015

In the footsteps of the beaver of Usses    Desingy

zoom sur les traces du castor -01-06 CP SMECRU 2015

Book market    Desingy










This church is of roman style, 12th century. One of the two oldest churches in Haute-Savoie.

Téléphone : 04 50 59 26 56











Posté par Philippe le 18/09/2020 :

J'ai passé ma dernière nuit à l'Auberge "La Cave de la Ferme". Une chambre simple, propre et un bon dîner. Je peux vous la recommander. 

Posté par Christiane sur le chemin des Huguenots le 14/06/2019 :

 Bon accueillir à la cave de la ferme.  Balisage du chemin de St Jacques à contresens.  Il n'empêche que le balisage n'est pas toujours au top,  beaucoup de marques défraichies et quelques manques. Beaucoup de goudron dans le secteur de Desingy

Posté par christine guignard le 26/05/2016 :

l hotel moderne est à priori fermé ...


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Haut-Rhône Tourisme - Bureau de Frangy    Tourism institutionsFrangy

OT Val des Usses été fc

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Accommodation in the city-center of a nice little town. Gite opened to everyone : pilgrims of Santiago de Compostella, hikers "Sur les Pas des Huguenots", "Les chemins du soleil". Nearby : possibility to eat at the hostel.

Téléphone : 06 78 01 19 58

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This beautiful manor dated from the 15th century is located in the heart of the village of Chaumont close to the hiking paths of Vuache. Stage of Santiago de Compostella pilgrimage between Geneva and Annecy. Possibility to enjoy your breakfast in the garden during the high season. Non-smoker accommodation.

Téléphone : 04 50 60 41 01
Téléphone : 06 50 57 39 53

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Bed and Breakfast Mr and Mrs Mossière    Bed & breakfastChaumont

Mossiere ch hôtes + gîte pte Fruitière - Chaumont

Geneviève and Michel welcome you all year round in their 2 guestrooms. They serve a delicious breakfast made of homemade or fresh foods from the farm products.

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Chaumont - Auberge



The Inn "La Cave de la ferme"    Country innFrangy

La Cave de la Ferme

In a rustic frame, the Philippe family proposes you its specialities : diots in the white wine, the fondue, the raclette...

Téléphone : 04 50 44 75 04

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