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Le Poët-Laval - Dieulefit

Distance 5.8km
Time 1h30
+ 171m
- 164m


Le Poët-Laval : The small hill in the valley (pogetum vallis).

The commune of Poët-Laval is divided into two parts: the lower section - Gougne, and the higher section - Vieux village. Most services and a new disused church are located in the first section while the second is a medieval site that earned the village its label "Plus beaux villages de France" (France's most beautiful villages) and its registration as an historical monument since 1924.
Wandering in the old alleys of the old village one can discover "Renaissance" houses with their worked girders and typical mullioned windows.
In the 16th century, the Reformation converted supporters in the region and numerous modest churches were built. Poët-Laval's church, which was built in the 17th century, was also a "community house". Thanks to its dual-purpose, the church was saved and is thus the oldest protestant church in the Dauphiné, but also one of three churches of France, dating from before 1685, having survived the demolition campaign committed before and after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes. The two other churches are the church of Collet-de-Dèze in Lozère, and the “hidden” church from Veleaux in Bouches du Rhône.
Attached to the church is the ancient house of a Knight Hospitaller, which now houses the Musée du Protestantisme Dauphinois. The museum, which serves as the start for the “Sur les Pas des Huguenots” trail, presents the history of Protestantism in the Dauphiné - from the first churches to the religious wars, from the beginning of the Edict of Nantes to its revocation, and the history of the Protestants from their persecution through the Resistance until modern days.


In the valley of Jabron, since the prehistory, the “coil” pottery is part of local knowledge. Since the discovery of the local kaolin clay, the quarries of Poët Laval and Dieulefit supplied a good quality refractory clay. The pottery activity develops and improves through the centuries, with potter’s wheels and kilns. It became a very important activity in the valley. The number of potters increases between the XVIIth and the XVIIIth century and passes from 9 to 80 workshops.

During the XVIIth century, workshops scatter out-of-town, in particular because of the fire risks.

The regular firings, requiring a lot of wood, the potters contribute widely to the clearing of woods around the towns. A regrowth would have been possible, if there had been no herds of goats causing considerable damage. So at the end of the XVIIth century, during the exile, the landscape between Poët Laval and Dieulefit quickly evolved from a completely forested valley, towards the landscapes of bare meadows which we perceive today. 

What to see: The entirety of the old village in its restored state.
What to taste: The local goat's cheese "Picodon"
Le Poët-Laval -  - Le Poet Laval - AMIDUMIR Le Poet Laval - AMIDUMIR Le Poet Laval - AMIDUMIR Le Poet Laval - AMIDUMIR Le Poet Laval - AMIDUMIR Le Poet Laval - AMIDUMIR Le Poet Laval - AMIDUMIR Dieulefit - AMIDUMIR Dieulefit - AMIDUMIR Dieulefit - AMIDUMIR Dieulefit - AMIDUMIR Dieulefit - AMIDUMIR

Tourist information

  Le Poët-Laval

  Le Poët-Laval










montelimar grande guerre


IMG_3828 (1)

  Le Poët-Laval

Dieulefit Bizzart concert HK © Anna Puig Rosado (6 sur 21)



  Le Poët-Laval

20 21 22 Jazz à poet



Village of Poët-Laval    Le Poët-Laval


THE POET LAVAL (Alt 307m): Listed as "one of the most beautiful villages of France " with its castle, the chapel of St Jean-des-Commandeurs, the Commandery, streets and alleys, the Callée, Centers Yvon Morin, Museum of the Dauphiné Protestantism, the 3-star hotel, the antique shop.

Téléphone : 04 75 46 44 12

  Le Poët-Laval


Dominating the village of Poet Laval, the former commandery of St John of Jerusalem, subsequently the Knights of Malta, is the finest ruin of its kind in Provence. Note the 12th century keep, topped by an outstanding dovecote.

Téléphone : 04 75 46 44 12

Ruches du Monde    Comps


Preservation of the international traditional apiarian heritage. Raising awareness about the world of bees, discover the traditions of apicultural through temporary exhibitions, beekeeping workshops...

Téléphone : 06 51 41 30 61
Téléphone : 04 75 53 96 84
Téléphone : 04 75 46 41 70







Exhibition area and workshop to discover clay. Dieulefit has a strong tradition of pottery. More than 200 exhibits illustrate the wealth of the potter's history since the Gallo-Roman time until the 20th century + retrospective of the venue's past.

Téléphone : 04 75 50 20 98

Museum of the Dauphiné Protestantism    Le Poët-Laval

02-ecusson 12

In a medieval village once Commandery of the Hospitaller Order, the Museum is housed in the former home of a knight, after becoming Maison Commune and Protestant church.

Téléphone : 04 75 46 46 33



Posté par Christiane sur le chemin des Huguenots le 14/06/2019 :

 Nous avions dormi à l'Hôtel l'escargot d'or.  Bon Accueil et calme

Posté par misette le 02/04/2018 :

 Pas de difficultés particulières sur cette étape . Un seul regret : le temple était fermé le matin et nous n'avons pas pu faire tamponner nos livret de passage.

Posté par Johannes le 14/06/2016 :


Le Col de la Chaudière et ensuite Rimon sont deux hauts lieux de la randonnée. Il est préconisé, lors de la préparation de votre randonnée, d'éviter d'intégrer ces étapes pendant le weekend. Cela évitera des soucis d'hébergement.

Bonne rando !

Posté par Ladislav Satra le 06/06/2016 :


Vous qui partez sur "les pas" pensez à vous munir d'eau car rares sont les points de ravitaillement. Ce fut un chemin d'exode et de fuite loin de tout lieu habité.

Faites le, cela vaut le coup !!!

Posté par Johannes Melsen le 03/11/2011 :

Sur l'étape de Poet Laval à Dieulefit, un balisage "rond bleu" à été rajouté courant 2011. Ce balisage très visible et omniprésent semble appartenir à une manifestation VTT mais indique bien le sentier jusqu'à Dieulefit.


Tourist Offices

  Tourism institutionsDieulefit


Accommodation Partners Accommodation Partners

  Group gîteLe Poët-Laval


Le Mas des vignaux    Furnished accommodation and GîtesLe Poët-Laval

loc - Mas des vignaux - Poet

Gite 60m ² adjoining the house of the owner in countryside with privative terrace, swimming pool, parking lot and garden common.

Téléphone : 06 63 94 62 98
Téléphone : 04 75 46 55 47

Hôtel-Restaurant les Hospitaliers    Hotel - restaurantLe Poët-Laval


In the village of "Poët-Laval", in Drôme Provençale, 5 kms from Dieulefit (village of potters), 20 kms from Montélimar, and at the top of one of France's most beautiful villages, this charming Hotel and Restaurant, welcomes you with great care.

Téléphone : 04 75 46 22 32

Le Mas des Vignaux    Group gîteLe Poët-Laval

Gite etape - Mas des vignaux - Poet

Duplex adjoining the house of the owner including a kitchen in free management, a sofa bed 2 places in the lounge, 3 beds 90 in the room in floor and a swimming pool

Téléphone : 06 63 94 62 98
Téléphone : 04 75 46 55 47

DEGRAND GUILLAUD    Bed & breakfastLe Poët-Laval

Mas des Vignaux chambres d'hôtes

Former(Old) restored farm understanding(including) two rooms(chambers) of which a station wagon. In 2 steps of the GR of Country and the path of the Huguenots.

Téléphone : 06 63 94 62 98
Téléphone : 04 75 46 55 47

  Bed & breakfastDieulefit


Upon the arrival of the GR 9 and in 300m of the Tourist office thus of the city center of Dieulefit, built on ramparts surrounding " the viale " ( historic district), " Théron " is a House the Renaissance surrounded with a garden of pink(roses) restanques

Téléphone : 06 15 06 43 38
Téléphone : 04 75 50 05 26

Other Accommodations

  Group gîteLe Poët-Laval


2 rooms from 1 to 3 persons, common shower-room.

Téléphone : 04 75 46 48 85
Téléphone : 0031 10 466 35 64

  Village of gîtesLe Poët-Laval

photo gite groupe

Free management. Welcome(reception) groups, seminaries(seminars), conferences and trainings(formations).

Téléphone : 06 70 05 95 00

  Bed & breakfastDieulefit

ch 1

  Group gîteLe Poët-Laval


Village Huttopia Dieulefit    Holiday villagesDieulefit


Huttopia, has a swimming-pool on a wooded site and forest spa. Rent one of our huts or tents for a comfortable stay in the heart of nature or camp on one of our spacious pitches.

Téléphone : 04 75 54 63 94

  Group gîteComps


Stopover cottage and groups in the countryside and near the Huguenots trail. Vegetarian food on site. Swimming pool. Breakfast with local products.

Téléphone : 04 75 91 73 48
Téléphone : 06 81 14 16 62

Domaine Bois-Vieux    Group gîteComps


  Group gîteComps


Hôtel la Cachette    HotelDieulefit

image1 (2)

Camping à la Ferme du Devès    Camping on farm sitesDieulefit


Le Château de Comps    Bed & breakfastComps


Four guest houses with private toilets are situated in a wing of this castle of the XIIth century situated on a headland and peaking in 680 m of height. This defensive building(ship) is a place of rest for the hosts wishing to get fresh ideas.

Téléphone : 04 75 46 30 00
Téléphone : 06 72 17 78 43

Domaine Provençal Les Grands Prés    Residential leisure parkDieulefit


Camping Lorette    CampsiteLe Poët-Laval


At the foot of one of the most beautiful villages in France, the Lorette campsite welcomes you in a quiet and green. Enjoy an environment that combines relaxation, hiking, crafts and history.

Téléphone : 04 75 91 00 62
Téléphone : 04 75 46 44 12

Camping Domaine des Grands Prés    CampsiteDieulefit

chalet bien etre 3

Very calm and shaded campsite, 2-minute walk from the village centre of Dieulefit. Flat area with grass. Family atmosphere. Camping "glamping" with many unusual accommodation and very suitable for motorhomes.

Téléphone : 04 75 49 94 36
Téléphone : 06 11 48 05 22

Camping la Source du Jabron - Sites & Paysages    CampsiteComps

piscine 5 bis

Discover the Country of Dieulefit, pottery and its famous Provencal climate. In a 100% natural setting, find our quiet and shaded, and our mobile homes, chalets, tents or huts and eco-lodges spread over our 6 hectares.

Téléphone : 04 75 90 61 30

  Holiday centresLe Poët-Laval


Welcoming holiday cottage from 10 to 88 persons on 113 ha of open air. Event for families, training courses, seminaries, classes, leisure center.

Téléphone : 04 75 46 46 98

  Bed & breakfastDieulefit

Chambres d'hôtes Perinet Colette 002

A few minutes away from the city center, situated in " Viale ", at the heart of the old man Dieulefit, Colette's House proposes 12 guest house in a quiet and picturesque district.

Téléphone : 04 75 01 30 99
Téléphone : 06 08 88 81 88

Domaine de la Françoise    Bed & breakfastDieulefit


4 bedrooms and 1 suite with private bathrooms. Pool and Spa in the garden. Languages spoken: English, German, Flemish

Téléphone : 04 75 90 61 76

Hôtel-Restaurant le Relais du Serre    Hotel - restaurantDieulefit


Situated in a calm and green setting, 3 kilometers from Dieulefit, "le Relais du Serre" welcomes you in a friendly atmosphere.

Téléphone : 04 75 46 43 45

  Bed & breakfastLe Poët-Laval

Le Poet laval Ch hote St Hubert

St Hubert is an attractive country house situated between Dieulefit and Poët-Laval: 2 rooms(chambers)

Téléphone : 06 12 64 91 12
Téléphone : 04 75 46 48 71

Hôtel-Restaurant Auberge de l'Escargot d'Or    Hotel - restaurantDieulefit


On the lavender route, in a village of craftsmen, "l'Auberge de l'Escargot d'Or", and its great terrace with panoramic view, its park and pool, welcomes you in the heart of Drome Provençale's hills. Our cooking is creative and traditional.

Téléphone : 04 75 46 40 52

  Camper van service/reception areaDieulefit


Si le coeur vous en dit... Salon de thé/Popote    RestaurantDieulefit

photo 2 OT SLCVED terrasse

Snacks at all hours of the day from 10:30 to 18:30. If you feel like it ... You can install the garden to enjoy a delicious plate full of your choice.

Téléphone : 09 54 77 40 63



Pancakes, crêpes, salads, hamburgers. Organic and local products. A la carte and dish of the day.

Téléphone : 06 20 03 93 79
Téléphone : 04 75 46 80 69



Fast food snack / kebab. Eat-in or takeaway. Open all year

Téléphone : 09 84 33 58 34




Huttopia Dieulefit - ©huttopia-R.Etienne  (11)



The Drôme of colors is an original concept where various domains harmonize: 1 store of regional products, 1 restaurant proposing a modern cooking(kitchen) in a colored and innovative frame(executive), 1 tearoom in a "cosy" atmosphere and a Wine cellar.

Téléphone : 04 75 54 45 20

Restaurant la Baume    RestaurantDieulefit


Italian, traditional cooking(kitchen), pizzas, bruschetta and local products.

Téléphone : 04 75 46 80 79



Mary and Tom propose you a greedy and quality stopping place in a friendly frame, right in the heart of the city, near the historic district and the hiking trails. Outside(terrace) service(department) on the pedestrian street from the beautiful days.

Téléphone : 04 75 46 86 16

Restaurant les Hospitaliers    Hotel-RestaurantLe Poët-Laval

Terrasse panoramique vue donjon du chateau

In the village of "Poët-Laval", in Drôme Provençale, 5 kms from Dieulefit (the potters' village), 20 kms from Montélimar, and at the top of one of France's most beautiful villages, this charming Hotel and Restaurant, welcomes you with great care and attention.

Téléphone : 04 75 46 22 32



Traditional restaurant: French regional cuisine, excellent quality at very reasonable prices. Fresh, top quality produce.

Téléphone : 04 75 52 27 91



Traditional and sophisticated cooking(kitchen), pizzas house. Come to take advantage of our terrace in summer, and our fireplace in winter. Cocktails(cocktail parties), events private individuals, marriages, baptisms, and theme evenings.

Téléphone : 04 75 53 36 84



Situated in the peaceful countryside just 3 km from Dieulefit, the Relais du Serre welcomes you in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Téléphone : 04 75 46 43 45

Restaurant Auberge de l'Escargot d'Or    Hotel-RestaurantDieulefit


In a village of small business sector(crafts), on the road of lavenders, the Inn of the Golden snail, with its big panoramic terrace, its park and its swimming pool, welcomes you in the heart of the hills of the Provençal Drôme.

Téléphone : 04 75 46 40 52


2018 présentation

Bar, restaurant, Pizzéria, brewery. Evening concerts and events. Company seminars / business lunches / family meals.

Téléphone : 04 75 46 42 30

  RestaurantLe Poët-Laval


Former lemonade factory with its hundred-year-old wisteria, terrace, garden. Traditional menu serving local produce . Organic products from local food network. New: pizza (takeaway service available). Business meals, banquets, weddings and family events. Contact us for more information. Venue rental. Restaurant-boutique, sale of local produce.

Téléphone : 04 75 46 46 00


la barigoule

Local cooking. Gault and Millau approved. Closed and semi-covered terrace. Member of the Picodon cheese guild. Open hearth fires in winter.

Téléphone : 04 75 46 37 36

Other Services



Municipality of car park Dieulefit + Transdrôme: Rabattement for the persons arriving of the Bus and wanting to make on village of the surroundings

Téléphone : 04 75 46 30 62




grande pharmacie

Homoeopathy, Herbal medicine, Veterinarian, Orthopaedics, Medical equipment. Pharmacy on duty: 04 75 51 28 95

Téléphone : 04 75 46 42 87
Téléphone : 06 75 25 88 23

Joë'l Taxi    ServicesLe Poët-Laval

Seated Sick transport; round trip(trips) Discotheque(Record collection); organised trip; transport Parcel any distances.

Téléphone : 06 77 02 49 09

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