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Le Percy - Mens

Distance 15.6km
Time 4h
+ 522m
- 533m


In the 16th century, Luther and Calvin exclaimed the reformation of the church and religious life. This proclamation was strongly echoed in the Trièves. Yet unlike the Dauphiné and many other regions, the Trièves was relatively peaceful during the religious wars thanks to the Duke of Lesdiguières.

Most regions saw the exodus of their Protestant populations because of the persecution instated after the revocation by Louis XIV. However, the revocation did not carry the same weight in the Trièves. Protestantism was solidly rooted in the region and persisted through to the Revolution when the liberty of worship was reinstated. The region did still suffer from plundering and violence...  

An awakening in the Protestant religion took place in the 19th century with the advent of Félix Neff and his minimal yet scholarly preaching style. His tone was free-flowing and his themes essentially focused on corruption and the need for conversion. This format did not please the established ministers who accused him of stirring trouble in their churches. So he left the Grenoble region and Mens to head towards the Hautes-Alpes. He headed up the Romanche valley and then to Briançon where the subprefect refused to grant him the authorization to exercise his ministerial functions as he was a foreigner and did not have approval from the consistory governing body in Orpierre.  After Briançon, he headed towards the other villages in the Freissinières, Champsaur, and Queyras valleys, where he stayed except for short missions to Mens or the Italian Waldensian valleys. 

Located at an altitude of 1457m, the Menée pass links the Diois and the Trièves. A wooden cross marks and reminds us of those who were persecuted in Diois and fled to Switzerland via the Trièves.

A story about roofs 

The area's rural heritage is a key part of the Trièves. Luxurious houses, vast farms and simple peasant dwellings are to be found in each village; their construction molded by the climate, the reliefs, the available materials and agricultural activity.

Two-sided roofs are typical characteristic of houses in the Trièves. The tiled roofs are usually slope steeply to form gabled roofs. Cornices, known as "génoises", and composed of "dished tiles", are also very common. While these roofs offered useful protection against fires, large gusts of wind, and rodents, they also allowed for social and religious recognition (Catholics had two level génoises and Protestants had three level génoises...). While such social recognition is confirmed in the South of France, it has yet to be confirmed in the Trièves...  

The Trièves roofs are also of course covered with their famous fish-scale tiles. Thatched roofs were slowly replaced after the middle of the 19th century with more fire-resistant roofing that was produced from local materials (clay) and led to the typical reddish fish-scale tile.

What to see : The Mont Aiguille, the Pas de l'Aiguille, the informational point in the Vercors Natural Park in Chichilianne, Notre Dame d'Esparron au Percy...

Mont Aiguille - Syndicat d'aménagement du Trièves Toitures en Trièves - Syndicat d'aménagement du Trièves Village Monestier du Percy - Syndicat d'aménagement du Trièves Mens - Syndicat d'aménagement du Trièves Poteau directionnel Trièves - Syndicat d'aménagement du Trièves Le Percy - Syndicat d'aménagement du Trièves Le Trièves  - AMIDUMIR Le Trièves  - AMIDUMIR En route pour Mens - AMIDUMIR Le Trièves  - AMIDUMIR

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A - ABP - JPO 2013 vue d'ensemble jardins

  Le Monestier-du-Percy


Temple de Mens    Mens

Café des arts    Mens


Halle de Mens    Mens


Etang du Marais    Mens


Journée portes ouvertes à Terre Vivante    Mens

A - ABP - JPO 2013 bienvenue à Terre vivante



Le Châtel    Mens


Posté par Philippe le 18/09/2020 :

Nuitée au Camping Pré Roland. Le dortoir pour 6 personnes est vraiment petit. Heureusement, j'avais le tout pour moi. Différentes possibilités pour manger dans le village. 

Posté par Christiane sur le chemin des Huguenots le 04/06/2019 :

 Belle étape,  que j'avais déjà fait il y a 2 ans et j'avais dormi à l'auberge.  Cette fois-ci camping

Posté par misette le 28/11/2018 :

 Nous avons logés une nuit au camping du Pré Rolland à Mens dans un petit dortoir de 6 places. Bonne literie. très petit coin cuisine mais repas au snack du camping ou à Mens . Sanitaires dans le meme bloc très propres. Il n'y a que 2 dortoirs de 6 places, donc réservation conseillée. 

Posté par Sur les pas des Huguenots le 12/06/2018 :

Pour information : Madame Nathalie Martins vient d'ouvrir un bar snack épicerie a Prebois "Le MAR-DI", sur l'étape Percy - Mens.

Posté par Vidalis le 24/07/2015 :

 Impossible de se passer du descriptif : aucun balisage GR (rouge et blanc) et balisage jaune inégal. Pour certains passages il n'y a pas de balisage du tout .

Par contre, le descriptif est très bien fait. Cependant, il me paraît difficile de le suivre dans l'autre sens...


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  Group gîteLe Monestier-du-Percy

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Le Viteloux    Furnished accommodation and GîtesMens


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Le Clos des Luya

Les Engrangeous    Bed & breakfastMens


La petite grange    Furnished accommodation and GîtesMens


Your holidays in Mens, the capital of Trièves, a magical region of middle mountain located between the Vercors, the Dévoluy and the Ecrins. This cottage of 50 m2 is located in an old barn completely renovated.

Téléphone : 04 76 34 89 07
Téléphone : 06 77 24 32 82

Gîte les Fagotins    Furnished accommodation and GîtesLe Monestier-du-Percy

  Group gîteMens



  RestaurantLe Monestier-du-Percy

  RestaurantLe Monestier-du-Percy


Camping Pré Rolland    RestaurantMens

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Auberge de Mens    Hotel-RestaurantMens

auberge de mens

L'aller-retour    RestaurantLe Monestier-du-Percy


Restaurant l'Alezan    RestaurantMens


Café des Arts    RestaurantMens


Café des sports    RestaurantMens


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Taxi Dubourdeaux    ServicesMens

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