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Frangy - Chancy

Distance 21.3km
Time 6h
+ 626m
- 613m


The Parliament of Bourgogne in Dijon, which included the Pays de Gex, was more royalist than the King himself, and refused to ratify the Edict of Nantes. Thus incessant quarrels arose between the republic of Geneva and the Parliament of Bourgogne. Geneva was forced to call upon Henry IV, and his successors, numerous times to thwart interference by officers from the Pays de Gex. Although Henry IV was able to control the Parliament of Bourgogne between 1604 and 1606, Dijon took up its arguments once again after the King’s death.
These quarrels encouraged the Savoyards to involve themselves in the conflict. In 1631, the Lord of Savigny, a municipality at the foot of the Mont-de-Sion, came to Chancy and used violence and threats against the populace and the minister. Several years later, the Knight of la Grave and Bacquet de Viry also harassed Chancy.
Geneva considered the village of Chancy to be a Protestant vanguard. This was well illustrated during the 17th century: a period during which Geneva did not maintain many of its churches, all the while restoring, transforming, and expanding Chancy's own church. The importance of the Chancy parish meant that the village was often attributed remarkable ministers. Samuel Bernard, the great-uncle of Jean Jacques Rousseau, was one such notable minister in the 17th century, and was described as a "man of taste and spirit" by Rousseau.
In the few years before 1661, the royal government actively oppressed the Protestants from Pays de Gex and destroyed 21 of the 23 protestant churches in the region. In 1680, officers from the Pays de Gex, encouraged by their success, tried to extend their influence to Chancy and Avully. The King Louis XIV was forced to condemn their excessive zeal. But the situation soon deteriorated. The Revocation of the Edict of Nantes was enacted on December 18th, 1684 for the bailiwick of Gex and it renewed the threat to the Protestant Church of Chancy.
The village's populace did what they could to help their coreligionists on the other side of the Rhône. For example, the inhabitants of Chancy, much like those in other Genevan villages, held and protected goods or personal effects given to them by the Protestants of Gex who were readying their escape when the dragonnades began.

Luckily, the dramatic events that followed the revocation did not affect the Genevan sovereignty over the villages on the left bank of the Rhône and particularly over the "stronghold" of Chancy.


The arrival in Geneva and the Protestant Cantons

Geneva became a revolving door for refugees who were welcomed before being sent further away. The inhabitants of the villages along the Rhône (Chancy, Avully, and Cartigny) waited for refugees with barks at the edge of the water. Upon reaching the other bank, refugees and their hosts alike burst into hymns of praise. Geneva, with its 16,000 inhabitants, had to welcome 4,000 more during this period. It was truly a "city of refuge" as can be read on the Tour du Molard. The Genevans went to great extents to welcome so many people. Refugees were housed up to 20 per room. One of them is recorded to have commented that "given their talent for housing us, the walls of Genevan houses seem to widen on command." The stay of any particular refugee was never long as every day saw the arrival of a hundred newcomers (120 everyday in 1687). For this reason, refugees were sent further on towards the Swiss Cantons, Germany, Holland, or Eastern Europe.
In the cities of the Vaud (Morges, Rolle and Yverdon), lumberjacks and shepherds were used to guide the refugees while the wealthy residents offered up their cars to help transport the disabled, sick or aging refugees. The city of Lausanne held a seminar on the theology of Antoine Court, who trained 4,000 French pastors of the "desert" during the persecution. In Berne, soldiers drove cars of refugees to the city's best hotel and the costs were paid for by the Canton. Artisan refugees were integrated into the population and helped in setting up their practice as long as there was no risk of undue competition. Textile and clock specialists were particularly encouraged.
Sources: « CHANCY - commune genevoise » by Pierre Bertrand. Historical notice published by the municipality of Chancy, Geneva. 3rd edition 1994 
Borne Genève - Savoie - Office du tourisme de Saint-Julien et du Genevois Genevois - Office du tourisme de Saint-Julien et du Genevois Feu d'accueil Chancy marche 2010 - Allocution Maire de Chancy - Barbara Hunziker Arrivée Chancy -Quand les chemins d'exils ont des oreilles - Barbara Hunziker Départ dernière étape "Quand les chemins..."Temple Chancy - Barbara Hunziker

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In 1815, Geneva was a member of the Swiss Confederation and was surrounded by the kingdoms of Piedmont-Sardinia and France. In 1860, Savoie was annexed to France.

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Posté par Françoise Dècle le 18/05/2019 :

 A la gare de Pougny Chancy, on peut prendre le train pour Genève  (20mn,environ 4 euros ) .

Posté par Posté par Luc Rousset le 09/09/2017 le 09/09/2017 :

A Chancy pas de possibilité d'hébergement. Choix de faire étape à Valleiry (pas d'hébergement) pour aller dormir à Viry (Hôtel Formule 1) à 5km. Transport en Car à prendre à coté de la gare puis de Viry à l'hôtel 2Km à pied. A noter pas de car le dimanche.

Restaurant  gastronomique : Un petit plaisir pour se récompenser ! Le petit monde. Très bonne adresse.

Posté par Nicole le 10/03/2012 :

Effectivement je pense aussi qu’il n’y a rien comme auberge- hôtel à Chancy. Je ne peux penser qu’à prendre un bus pour Cartigny afin de louer chambre et petit déjeuner au Centre de Rencontres dont les cordonnées sont :

Centre de rencontres de Cartigny

Téléphone 41(0)22 756 12 10

e-mail :

site : 

Posté par Alke-Brigitte Ifftner/Maintal-Allemagne le 08/03/2012 :

In Chancy gibt es KEINE Unterkunft

Dans Chancy, il n'y a pas d'hébergements

Alternativen/Alternatives :

1. Hameau de Malagny, Mary-Pierre et Christian Luthi / France  /

2. LA FERME ENCHANTÉE / 1281 Russin /  Schweiz Suisse


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Geneva Hills Tourist Office - Information    Tourism institutionsNeydens


We welcome you within Vitam in a bright and spacious place where you will find a lot of flyers on our territory of Saint Julien, the Genevois and all the department Haute-Savoie. You can also find all the events in the territory on our schedule!

Téléphone : 04 50 04 71 63

Haut-Rhône Tourisme - Bureau de Frangy    Tourism institutionsFrangy

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Other Accommodations

Halt of Chaumont    Chaumont

logo EPIC

Accommodation in the city-center of a nice little town. Gite opened to everyone : pilgrims of Santiago de Compostella, hikers "Sur les Pas des Huguenots", "Les chemins du soleil". Nearby : possibility to eat at the hostel.

Téléphone : 06 78 01 19 58

  Bed & breakfastFrangy

La Moisyane ch hôtes - Frangy

Private bedroom with a bathroom in a guest house.

Téléphone : 06 70 81 52 59

Bed and breakfast Marie-Christine BAUDET    Bed & breakfastFrangy

Bed and Breakfast Miss REVILLON    Bed & breakfastChaumont

Ch hôtes Révillon - Chaumont

Bed and breakfast located in Chaumont.

Téléphone : 06 71 02 38 41

Bed and breakfast Le Manoir    Bed & breakfastChaumont

IMG_3225 petite

This beautiful manor dated from the 15th century is located in the heart of the village of Chaumont close to the hiking paths of Vuache. Stage of Santiago de Compostella pilgrimage between Geneva and Annecy. Possibility to enjoy your breakfast in the garden during the high season. Non-smoker accommodation.

Téléphone : 04 50 60 41 01
Téléphone : 06 50 57 39 53

Bed and breakfast "La cave de la ferme"    Bed & breakfastFrangy

La Cave de la Ferme

2 bedrooms for 2 people. Possibility to eat at the hostel.

Téléphone : 04 50 44 75 04

Bed and Breakfast Mr and Mrs Mossière    Bed & breakfastChaumont

Mossiere ch hôtes + gîte pte Fruitière - Chaumont

Geneviève and Michel welcome you all year round in their 2 guestrooms. They serve a delicious breakfast made of homemade or fresh foods from the farm products.

Téléphone : 04 50 32 27 97







Chaumont - Auberge

Le café du Rhône    RestaurantValleiry


A traditional Lyonnais restaurant at the gates of Geneva. The team of the Café du Rhône welcomes you every lunch time during the week. Gégé and his commis chef, Guillaume, work alongside Jean-Marc, the inspiration and the chef of this well-frequented traditional restaurant.

Téléphone : 04 50 84 79 92



The Inn "La Cave de la ferme"    Country innFrangy

La Cave de la Ferme

In a rustic frame, the Philippe family proposes you its specialities : diots in the white wine, the fondue, the raclette...

Téléphone : 04 50 44 75 04

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