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Die - Valcroissant

Distance 7.6km
Time 3h30
+ 695m
- 398m



The church was built in 1686 to serve as a chapel for Jesuit seminars. During the Revolution, it was declared to be a national landmark. On the building's facade you can still read the inscription SACELLUM SEMINARI. It was sold in 1804 to Chevandier Du Seigneur and later, in 1831, it was bought by the Protestants to serve as a church.
The church-door and the pulpit, which date back to the 17th century, and the bible and organ donated by the Swiss commune of Ecublens, are particularly worth visiting.
For more details you may consult the brochure "Les protestants dans le Diois" which is for sale in Die's  Tourism Office.   Tel. for visits : 04 75 21 48 35.
In the city-center you can visit many vestiges of Protestant life. First and foremost the cathedral. The tympanum, which dates back to the 12th century and is located above the nave at the back of the narthex, is a rare example of work from the Roman era (Jesus on a cross, surrounded by the Virgin Mary, Saint John, two soldiers, and Evangelical symbols). We believe this to be a protestation against Pierre de Bruis's heresy. The mutilated tympanum also reminds of the destruction that religious edifices underwent upon the Reformation.
On March 12th, 1745, the pastor Louis Ranc was hung in front of the cathedral in the square, Place de l'Horloge, for having practiced his ministry in Livron. After the hanging, his head was cut off and displayed in Livron. The Museum of Die has a copy of the complaint which led to this tragic event. 
Not far from here, near the Market square is the street, Rue du Collège, that gained it's name from it's buildings, which were first occupied by the Academy and Protestant College, and then by the Catholic institution and finally the Notre-Dame school. In the Market square, the facade of the n° 16 was built during the last quarter of the 16th century with stones borrowed from the ruins of the cathedral by the owner, Captain Chabanes.
The street Saint-May is the only place that reminds us of the ancient church that was built in 1612 and destroyed in 1685. The Dominican church, where Farel preached, was replaced by another building in the second half of the 18th century and became a Hospital chapel.
Moving quote is still visible on the facade of a house on Buffardel street (at the intersection with Chastel street) that was inscribed by Jean Jullien in 1662 : Tamen rupes mea est Deus, non movebor (God alone is my rock, and I shall not be shaken). As the verse cited (psalm 62) is not conform to the Catholic Vulgate and the numbering is in fact Protestant (62 instead of 61) we can confirm that this is a Protestant quote.   Source : « Itinéraires protestants » Réveil editions.
The town of Die has a strong relationship with Frankenau, in Germany; a town with which it has been paired since 1991. The German town's hamlet of Louisendorf, welcomed many Huguenots who were fleeing persecution in the Diois.
The History and Archeology Museum in Die is located on Buffardel street.  It contains 7 rooms about the history of Die and the Diois as well as prehistoric, Roman, and medieval stone cutting collections. There are hints of Protestant history. There is also a great collection of gold and silver money from the era of the Religious Wars which were discovered in the Ausson neighborhood in 1883. Tel 04 75 22 40 05. 
What to see : The battlements, the Porte St Marcel, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Roman mosaic in the St Nicholas Chapel. Typical independent cinema from Die : "Le Pestel"


Abbaye de Valcroissant - Valcroissant : abbaye  - Yves Levin Valcroissant - cimetière - Yves Levin Château d'Aix - le château - Yves Levin Die - Cathédrale - Yves Levin Die - temple - Yves Levin Temple de Pont de Quart - Yves Levin Rocher des jumelages - Yves Levin

Tourist information

Probable emplacement du temple de Saint May    Die

Place du marché n° 16    Die

Emplacement de l'Académie et du Collège protestants    Die

Temple de Die    Die

Temple de Romeyer    Romeyer

History and Archaeology Museum    Die

Musée S-3 (2)

Die and the Diois Region Archeological Museum hosts local collections across all historical periods : Prehistory (in particular the Neolithic and the Bronze Age), Antiquity, the Middle-Ages and the Modern Period. Duration of the visit: 1h30.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 40 05

Guided tour of Die in Dutch    Die

Jacqueline Beijlen offers a guided tour of the streets and alleys of Die in Dutch. Booking required.

Téléphone : 06 47 30 83 86

Guided visit of Die    Die


Come and discover the rich history of the old Episcopal city of Die, Protestant strong-hold but also birth-place of the famous Clairette sparkling wine.

Téléphone : 06 85 31 89 58

Sapey Mountain Protected Natural Site    Die

Located in Aucelon village locality, this protected natural site is 337 hectares wide. It is at the cross-road of several climatic influences, both Mediterranean and Alpine, making it a particularly diverse environment in terms of fauna and flora.

Téléphone : 04 75 79 27 21
Téléphone : 04 75 22 03 03

'Jardin du Roy' Protected Natural Site    Die

A natural site with an outstanding ecological value of over 807 hectares, featuring upland pastures, forest, moors, sheer cliffs and limestone pavements. Its highest point is 'La Croix du Lautaret' at 1951 meters of altitude.

Téléphone : 04 75 79 27 21
Téléphone : 04 75 22 03 03

Glandasse Mountain Protected Natural Site    Die

La Montagne de Glandasse is a protected natural site at the southern tip of the Vercors mountain range, on Laval d'Aix village locality. It is spread out over 375 hectares to the West of 'Pié Ferré' summit, the highest point (2041m) of the Glandasse Massif.

Téléphone : 04 75 79 27 21
Téléphone : 04 75 22 03 03

La Ferme aux Papillons (Butterflies Farm)    Die


Tropical garden and observation centre, home to hundreds of exotic butterflies flying freely. Duration of the visit: 1 hour.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 17 90

Four Rivers Mosaic    Die


This 11th century mosaic is a fine example of classical art which represents the universe as seen by our medieval forebears. It was used as altar carpet in the St Nicolas Chapel (the bishop's private chapel) and also features medieval fresco and early 18th century painted wall paper.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 40 05

Chinese living room    Die


Located in the Die rectory (Renaissance style mansion house), this small living room with groined vaulting was decorated in the XVIII century by Louis Farjon. Unifom Chinese-style design (fashionable at the time). Reasonable state of conservation.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 03 03

Eglise des Cordeliers vestiges    Die

From the former Church of Cordeliers only remains a XV century polygonal abside with its stones in embossing. Unfortunatly buttresses has been pulled out. Present from the XII century, Cordeliers settled down there in the XV century.

Citation sur façade    Die

On the façade of a house in the Rue Camille Buffardel, at the corner of Rue Chastel, Jean Julien had been made this quote in 1662 : “Tamen rupes mea est Deus, non Movebor" (However God is my rock, I will not be shaken up). Protestant inscription.

Cimetières protestants de Laval d'Aix    Laval-d'Aix

In 1866, 152 Protestant families were living in the village and 20 Catholic ones. In 1992, there were still 18 family cimeteries in the village.

Chapelle de l'hôpital    Die

The church of the Dominicans, where Farel preached, it was replaced by a building of the second half of the XVIII Century became the hospital chapel and Protestant temple between 1804 and 1831.

La cathédrale    Die


Former Notre-Dame de l'Assomption Cathedral (IX-XIII century) demolished by Protestants and rebuilt in the XVII century. Guided visit possible with the guided tour of the town of Die.

Notre-Dame de Valcroissant Abbey    Die


Cistercian abbey from the 12th century, ruined during the wars of religion, converted into a farm in the 17th century and sold at the French Revolution. Today, it is a privately owned farm. Guided visits only.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 12 70

Place de l'Horloge    Die

Muséobulles - Cave de Die Jaillance    Die


"Go back in times from the Romans to today" Come and discover the history of the wine cellar and its sparkling wines as well as the secrets of the slow maturation of the Clairette de Die. A guided visit followed by a fizzy tasting !!

Téléphone : 04 75 22 30 15


Posté par Didier Hutin le 22/08/2020 :

Le site est superbe, les lieux sont chargés d'histoire et bien dans l'esprit d'un chemin d'exil.

Très bon accueil, mais attention, à chacun d'amener son dîner, son petit déjeuner (à réchauffer dans la cuisine mise à disposition) et le pique nique du lendemain.

J'ai de plus eu la chance de pouvoir faire la visite des lieux, guidée par notre hôte.

Une bonne étape.

Posté par Christiane sur le chemin des Huguenots le 04/06/2019 :

 Bon Accueil à l'abbaye de Val croissant,  simple mais idéal pour nous randonneurs.  Beau cadre.  

Posté par Danielle le 10/08/2018 :

Nous avons enfin trouvé à Valcroissant le type d'hébergement idéal pour un randonneur itinérant : un dortoir et un coin cuisine. Trop rares sur le chemin des Huguenots qui en est à ses balbutiements, semble-t-il.

Pour un vrai développement, les communes devront pouvoir proposer des gîtes communaux simples et propres.

Posté par misette le 02/04/2018 :

 Attention pour les marcheurs qui voyagent en dehors des pèriodes de vacances. Nous n'avons pas pu dormir à Valcroissant qui ne prenait plus personne à compter du 1er septembre (2017). Dommage le site est magnifique. Nous avons du marcher jusqu'à Chatillon en Diois en nous trompant de route à la sortie de l'Abbaye ; nous avons pris le sentier tout de suite à gauche en sortant alors qu'il aurait fallu descendre plus bas ! 


Tourist Offices

Pays Diois Tourist Office - Die    Tourism institutionsDie


Our reception area, spacious and convivial, is in front of the car park "Aire de Meyrosse is at 2 minutes on foot from the historical center of Die. We propose you an individualised welcome, a WIFI access (hotspot CIGALE) and many documents to consult...

Téléphone : 04 75 22 03 03

Accommodation Partners Accommodation Partners

Le Riou Merle Camp Site    CampsiteDie


The Riou Merle Camp site is 300 meters from Die town centre. Expect peace and quiet in nature, with view of the nearby mountains. Starting point of many hikes in the Parc du Vercors and its nature reserve.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 21 31

Besset Laurent    Bed & breakfastDie


3 bed and breakfast accommodations and a studio in a typical town house in the centre of Die. Breakfast is shared with the host. Passionate about the Diois, he will be delighted to introduce you to the region's treasures. Preferably for two nights minimum.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 06 28
Téléphone : 07 89 29 20 08

Other Accommodations

Valdie Campsite    CampsiteDie


A campsite close to the river, on a 3-hectare site with amazing views, dedicated to groups of adults or children, ideal for summer camps or a sporty stay.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 50 05
Téléphone : 06 03 49 11 38
Téléphone : 06 02 11 81 65

Lamarmione - Dittmann Cathy et Georges    Bed & breakfastDie


At the heart of the town centre, in a soundproofed apartment, on the 2nd floor of a house with a Roman staircase, large luxury bedrooms. Indoor terrace with views on the mountains, rooftops and the cathedral.

Téléphone : 06 73 09 93 71
Téléphone : 07 86 49 43 83

Gîte d'étape d'Aurouses    Group gîteDie

gitedaurouses-die-exterieur (800x600)

Situated on the outskirts of town, on the ground floor of an individual house, surrounded by nature with the Diois mountains as backdrop, studio apartment newly renovated and converted to maximise space and comfort, from 2 people.

Téléphone : 06 08 82 70 55

  Bed & breakfastDie

Die-Liotier-Ch hôtes

The Ausson Yurts    Group gîteDie

VINSP1 (800x533)

In an old farm, 5 km from Die at the heart of nature, 3 yurts on the edge of a stream, with views on the Justin forest and the Glandasse mountain. A total change of scenery and the ideal place for couples, families or groups up to 13 persons to unwind in a peaceful location.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 28 39

Le Saule Rêveur    Bed & breakfastDie

saule reveur ch hotes

Are you a nature or a culture lover? Active or contemplative, alone or in a group? You are welcome in our independent house with a garden, in peaceful surroundings, close to the town centre. Meals and picnics are prepared with local and organic produces. We are labelled "Accueil Vélo" (Bicycle Friendly)

Téléphone : 09 51 78 52 22
Téléphone : 07 82 34 77 50

Shchedrina Anna et Jacrot Christophe - La Datcha    Bed & breakfastRomeyer

grande chambre bis

4 kms from Die, in a quiet hamlet, 1 large bedroom and an extra bedroom- 30 m² and 18 m²- with a large en-suite bathroom, part of a house of character, at the foot of the South Vercors mountains. Independent entrance and terrace. Access to a garden. For 1 to 4 persons.

Téléphone : 06 15 19 12 89
Téléphone : 06 67 87 89 69

  Group gîteDie

  Group gîteDie

  Group gîteDie

Ferme d'Ausson - Le Mûrier    Bed & breakfastDie


An ancient converted farm with independent access and terrace, vaulted rooms entirely renovated, facing the Glandasse mountain. Quiet area, 5 km from the city centre in a green environment accessible to persons with disabilities or reduced mobility.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 28 39

Les Baladins    Bed & breakfastRomeyer


In a little hamlet at the foothills of the southern side of Vercors, on the ground floor of the owners house, with independent entry and terrace opening on to the garden - not overlooked - vaulted room - bedroom, breakfast space and bathroom - old style recent restoration.

Téléphone : 06 76 23 04 35
Téléphone : 04 75 21 80 02
Téléphone : 06 74 45 52 58

Valcroissant Abbey Accommodation Centre    Group gîteDie

Part of the magnificent and prestigious location of a 12th century listed abbey, at the foot of the Massif du Glandasse cliffs, Rémy and Martine will introduce you to their region.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 12 70

Le Glandasse Camp Site    CampsiteDie


20 minutes’ walk from the town centre, by the river Drôme, peaceful, shaded camp site with a family atmosphere. Its facilities include a heated swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a friendly snack-food restaurant and the possibility to hire canoes and cross-country bikes on site.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 02 50

La Pinède Camp Site    CampsiteDie


La Pinède Camp Site is a little corner of paradise, ideal to discover the cliffs of the Parc Naturel Régional du Vercors. With choice ranging from tent pitches to cottages and bungalows, come and relax in our water park or by the river banks.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 17 77

Hôtel des Alpes    HotelDie


L'Hôtel des Alpes welcomes you in a friendly and family atmosphere at the heart of the Diois region, in the town centre and invites you to spend a peaceful stopover.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 15 83

Au Coeur de Die    Bed & breakfastDie


3 spacious bedrooms with private facilities newly renovated, which combine the ancient charm & the mordern comfort, at the first floor in one house situated at the historical centre. A large common living room and a courtyard at the ground floor.

Téléphone : 06 11 44 73 47

Hôtel-Restaurant le Viaduc    Hotel - restaurantDie


In the city centre, comfortable bedrooms with LCD screen TV, shower, en suite toilets, hair dryer, air conditioning, double glazing windows. One family suite with a living room and 2 separate bedrooms. Free access to a closed bike shed.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 17 88

Hôtel-Restaurant l'Escale de Die    Hotel - restaurantDie


At the entrance of Die, a family run hotel-restaurant, with air conditioning and comfortable bedrooms. Our facilities include: your own sheltered car-park, a bar, a garden and a terrace. We cook a traditional cuisine with carefully selected local ingredients.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 00 95

Bail Didier Bed & Breakfast    Bed & breakfastRomeyer


In a pretty house, typical of the Pays Diois, an independent bedroom with the option of an extra bedroom attached, with a shared terrace and bathroom.

Téléphone : 06 69 08 86 27
Téléphone : 04 75 21 10 63

Camping de Chamarges    CampsiteDie


Flat area with grass- easy access. In this green setting next to the Drôme river, come and discover the view on the mountains, 1,5 kilometers away from the village centre. You will find a snack, a restaurant, a playground for children and cottages.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 14 13

Justin Municipal Campsite    CampsiteDie


Shaded, municipal campsite by the river side, 5 minutes from the town centre. Supervised swimming pool and slides. Chalet rentals. Snack-bar and take-away service. Camper vans welcome: we provide service facilities. Groups welcome.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 14 77
Téléphone : 04 75 21 08 77
Téléphone : 06 46 90 57 89

Le Martouret Holiday Centre    Holiday centresDie


Le Martouret welcomes you all year round in a 40-hectare ground on the heights of Die. Due to its exceptional location at the foot of the Vercors and along the river Drôme, it benefits from the charms of the countryside as well as mountain activities.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 04 80

Domaine du Mûrier Back-to-Nature Campsite    Tourism campsite - natural siteDie


Our peaceful, friendly and wooded campsite is on the edge of the river and near the heritage town of Die. Our pitches are shaded, 400m² each and offer superb panoramic views on the Vercors mountains. Modern amenities blocks with disabled access and a baby bath.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 30 16
Téléphone : 06 32 75 57 31

Parc Résidentiel de Loisirs les Gîtes Fialoux    Residential leisure parkRomeyer


Hôtel-Restaurant Saint-Domingue    Hotel - restaurantDie


In between Vercors and Provence, in the town of Die, a break is necessary in Hotel-Restaurant Saint Domingue. The whole team welcomes you in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 03 08

Hotel-Restaurant la Petite Auberge    Hotel - restaurantDie


Located between the Glandasse and Justin mountains, at the foot of the Vercors Regional Park, la Petite Auberge is friendly, family-run hotel-restaurant showcasing the region's rich and varied products.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 05 91

La Bastide des Hautes Roches Accommodation Centre    Holiday centresRomeyer


An old mansion at the foot of the South Vercors Mountain range,close to hiking paths and at the heart of 2 hectares of parkland, borded by a stream. A large table welcomes up to a hundred guests who can use our giant BBQ, between the Boules playing field and the swimming pool.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 18 97
Téléphone : 06 80 32 25 63

Au Chamois dort    Bed & breakfastDie


Florence and Gabriel welcome you in their bed and breakfast located 5 minutes from Die town centre: bedroom with lounge for 1 to 4 people, bathroom, independent access. Beautiful views. We welcome fishers and mountain bikers. Swimming pool and playground for children. Wifi access.

Téléphone : 06 71 22 07 50
Téléphone : 06 84 75 63 34

Laurent Viviane et Gérard    Bed & breakfastDie

CIMG3551 (800x600)

Close to Die town centre, Viviane and Gérard welcome you in their family home. On the ground floor, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, toilets. Big lounge. Independent entrance. Closed courtyard.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 18 66
Téléphone : 06 72 88 28 11

Le Cabanon    Bed & breakfastDie


Resting on a hillside, at 500m altitude, the bed&breakfast offers a panoramic view on the southern foothills of the Vercors and its cliffs. The "Cabanon" is detached from the owner's house and opens onto a terrace in the shade of a cherry tree.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 10 70
Téléphone : 06 30 01 57 06

Bouvarel Françoise et Jean-Paul    Bed & breakfastDie


At the heart of Die town centre, in a house full of character, bedroom with a view on the mountains, on the 2nd floor. King size bed. Home-made jams. Calm. Old charming street. Car park nearby.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 08 83
Téléphone : 06 32 08 59 97

Chez Mireille    Bed & breakfastDie


Close to the town centre, in a quiet residential area : one bedroom with a large double bed and a sofa bed for 2 in the living room. Breakfast with homemade jams in the garden during the warm season. Fridge and microwave available.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 00 68
Téléphone : 06 84 79 15 82

VVF Villages Sud Vercors - Die    Holiday villagesDie


1.5 km from Die town centre, in the middle of nature, ground-floor or one storey accommodations, gathered in small hamlets with a terrace or an outdoor space. With its location above the town of Die, it benefits from high levels of sunshine.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 06 88

Vercors Park Tourisme Holiday Centre    Tourist residenceDie


15 apartments of 1 or 2 rooms each, in a recent building, free and exclusive use of the car-park, swimming pool, playground, near the town centre. Furnished apartment, fully equipped kitchen corner, living room with a sofa bed for 2, bathroom & toilet. Terrace or balcony, set of garden furniture.

Téléphone : 09 67 31 51 90
Téléphone : 06 44 84 28 25

Lodging for groups at the campsite La Pinède    Village of gîtesDie


Accommodation in chalets and mobile homes, except in July-August, in one natural environment. A large capacity of accommodation (until 200 people). Seminar room. Heated swimming pool from April to September. Kayak rental. Study of each request.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 17 77

  Camper van service/reception areaDie



Restaurant Le Café des Lys    RestaurantDie

café des lys

A café-restaurant, simple and pleasant with bench seats and all comfort. Refined organic cuisine. Everyone is welcome.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 01 65

Délikate et Saine    RestaurantDie

Nice artisan chef, Kamel has brought different flavours from his trips. World cuisine, juice bar, organic fruits and vegetables.

Téléphone : 06 51 54 45 75

Yamaneko    RestaurantDie

yamaneko photo 01

Small japanese café with family traditional dishes, eat-in or take-away. Bento every weekday at lunch, sushi and maki on weekends. Sale of delicatessen and artisanal products.

Téléphone : 09 80 38 79 49

Hot spot - Pan Caliente    RestaurantDie

Creation of a hot spot at the gas station : sandwiches, bread, pastries, local products. Eat on the site or take away.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 01 70


Chez Christine    RestaurantDie


Tea room, organic cuisine, breakfasts, lunches, to eat in or out. Home cooking with fresh products, mainly organic and local : buckwheat pancakes, savory tarts, toasties, gratin, salads of the season, pancakes, ice creams...

Téléphone : 04 26 58 87 92


Restaurant l'Escale de Die    Hotel-RestaurantDie


Mrs Gallay and the Chef Mr Gallay offer a traditional cuisine based on local terroir products, in an air-conditioned room or on the terrace. Dinners by booking. We welcome groups, family gatherings....

Téléphone : 04 75 22 00 95

Bar du Marché    RestaurantDie

La Petite Auberge Restaurant    Hotel-RestaurantDie


Living at the heart of a rich territory, the Chef is keen to put local products of Pays Diois in the limelight. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, in the dinning room or on the terrace, come and discover fresh local produces, some of which organic.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 05 91



In between Vercors and Provence, in the town of Die, a break is necessary in Hotel-Restaurant Saint Domingue. The whole team welcomes you in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 03 08

Casa Pizza    RestaurantDie

In the heart of the town, in a modern and totally renovated place, we propose you pizzas, salads, bruschettas, gratins of ravioles, grill. To eat on the spot, take away or to be delivered.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 06 00

Un Air de Famille    RestaurantDie

VRESP9 (800x600)

In a friendly family atmosphere and a 1960’s decoration, pots and pans cuisine with fresh and local products, mainly organic. Exhibitions, concerts, a large outdoor garden. Orders at the bar.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 48 70

Sayam Restaurant    RestaurantDie

In Die town centre, get away from it all in a welcoming oriental atmosphere and taste our royal tagine, couscous, kebab, chawirma, Moroccan salads and pastries...

Téléphone : 04 75 21 12 35
Téléphone : 06 12 31 85 49

Resto-snack du Glandasse    RestaurantDie

Resto snack du glandasse - Die

Homemade pizzas. Traditional and regional cuisines. Snack. Ice cream. Covered and heated terrace.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 02 50

Snack de la Rue Nouvelle    RestaurantDie


In an atypical alley, decorated by the inhabitants, in the heart of Die, on a terrace different of the others, pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven, Dutch snack, chips, take away. A large choice of Belgiums' beer (Trappist).

Téléphone : 04 75 22 03 25
Téléphone : 06 07 70 44 76

Brasserie de l'Etape    RestaurantDie

Situated on the edge of the town centre, a brasserie with dish of the day from Monday to Sunday + à la carte. Traditional cuisine with fresh products. Atmosphere warm and convivial. Late lunch service - snacks served all day. Covered terrace.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 03 29

Restaurant Les petits fourneaux    RestaurantDie


Meyro's Irish Pub    RestaurantDie


The Meyro’s Irish Pub serves a traditional cuisine in a pleasant park with a terrace. Clubbing at the week-end.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 17 26

Ici et maintenant...    RestaurantDie

Ici et maintenant

At the foot of the cathedral, Ici et Maintenant serves a cuisine in perfect harmony with its surroundings: simple, traditional, a mix of colours and surprising flavours. Our dynamic team will ensure you enjoy a pleasant experience.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 17 02
Téléphone : 06 81 55 45 21

Restaurant - Crêperie le Viaduc    Hotel-RestaurantDie


Regional cuisine, pancakes, including buckwheat pancakes, car park nearby, air conditioned dinning room. Our specialties are: Picodon cheese melt on toast, frogs legs, mussels and chips.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 17 88

Les Bons Passants Restaurant    RestaurantDie


Think Bistro Spirit and honest cuisine, home made cooking, as often as possible with organic and/or locally sourced products. A simple cuisine cooked with fresh ingredients: hamburgers, big salads and raviole pasta.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 01 02
Téléphone : 06 41 40 16 16

Past'issima    RestaurantDie


Le Gourmet Restaurant    RestaurantDie

VRESP12 (800x600)

Le Restaurant serves wood oven baked pizzas. We also offer a traditional cuisine take-away, organise themed events and cook special menus for groups.

Téléphone : 04 75 22 17 77

Le Merilou Restaurant    RestaurantDie


5 minutes walk from the city centre, in a warm & green environment, in a new-build with a contemporary feel. We offer quality service & traditional cuisine with local products. Themed nights and program of events in the summer.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 46 08

Le Mazel Restaurant    RestaurantDie


Traditional cuisine. Stéphane and Virgine welcome you and invite you to discover their fine cuisine with local flavours. Pleasant and friendly location. Air-conditioned inside and sheltered terrace in summer. Booking is advised.

Téléphone : 04 75 21 01 13



An old stable fit out in one very nice vaulted room, intimate and convivial. A variety of skewers with summer flavors, to taste on the terrace with Provencal charm, quiet and without cars. Entertainments on Fridays in summer.

Téléphone : 06 24 05 98 37

Other Services

JO TAXIS    ServicesDie


Taxi company based in the Diois region and covering the villages of Saillans, Vercheny, Die, Châtillon-en-Diois and Luc-en-Diois. We provide a taxi service (train station, airport, etc...) and medical transport.

Téléphone : 06 32 59 49 85
Téléphone : 04 75 21 01 01

Transports Giraud    ServicesDie

Phamarcie du Diois    ServicesDie

Phamarcie D'Herin    ServicesDie

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