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Barraux - Apremont

Distance 16.8km
Time 7h30
+ 837m
- 829m


Les Marches is a village located in the valley and situated along the border of the Dauphiné and the Savoie where several major routes intersect (the Grésivaudan valley, the Combe de Savoie and the Cluse de Chambéry). As the Isère River flows through its territory, the municipality is considered to be part of the Grésivaudan valley.
Thirteen thousand years ago, the last glaciation left the town with a typical Alpine relief, including moraines called the "Seuil des Marches."
In the third century, the Christianization of the region was encouraged by the hardships of the time. Evangelists from the Diocese of Grenoble (founded during the fourth century) soon created the Saint-Maurice Parish which is the predecessor of the current Marches Parish. The deanship of Saint-André was also created between the fifth and ninth centuries. This deanship, administered by a dean, was a subdivision of the Diocese of Grenoble. Nowadays, Saint-André is a small hamlet without a chapel or a church as they were destroyed by a landslide from the Mont Granier in 1248.
On November 24th, 1248, the Mont Granier landslide created a mudslide 7 kilometers wide and 11 kilometers long. The entire region was devastated and many localities disappeared. The landslide brought 500 million cubic meters down from the mountain and was, at certain points, 140 meters deep. The devastated zone is now called "les Abymes."  The main characteristic of this land is the presence of large limestone blocs such as the "Pierre hachée." Vineyards have been cultivated in this area since the 1970s.
In the 12th century, the Counts of Savoie asserted themselves. As rivals of the Dauphiné, which was also expanding, the Savoie family decided to fortify its positions, including the zone devastated by the Mont Granier. Amédée V le Grand (1285-1323) ordered the creation of a fortified burg in order to defend the southern border of the Savoie. This border was called the "marches de Savoie" from which stems the municipality's current name.
Despite being a champion for Catholicism from the 16th to the 18th century, the Savoie also was home to an important protestant minority located in two distinct regions: the Piédmont "Vaudois" valleys and the Genevois. These Calvinist "Reformists", with the cultural and military influence of Berne, Geneva and Guillaume Farel, absorbed the Waldensians in 1532. They faced a "Catholic front" made up of the Kingdom of France, the ultra-Catholic Spanish lands (Franche-comté, Milanese and Austria), Switzerland, and the Holy Roman Empire. In this difficult context, during a time when tolerance was not yet a popular concept, they were victims of numerous confrontations and repressions.
The year 1533 saw the success of the Protestant Reformation in Geneva. Three years later the region saw the military defeat of the Duke of Savoie, Charles III, by the Berne-Genevans and the French. This guaranteed the reform’s success and anchored it solidly in the southern and the western regions of the Leman Lake. The influence of Calvin and Farel spread to Chambéry and the Maurienne.
Being on the border of the valley, Les Marches suffered invasions throughout its history: the Dauphiné's incursions from 1536 to 1559, the invasion by François 1st, the French invasion by Henry IV's troops in 1600, invasion by Richelieu in 1630, the French occupation from 1690 to 1696 and 1703 to 1713, the Spanish occupation from 1742 to 1749, and finally the French revolutionary troops in 1792. The border between the Savoie and the Dauphiné, and thus the limits of the municipality, fluctuated according to various treaties: the Treaty of Paris of 1355, the agreement of 1433, the Saint-Germain-en-Laye Treaty of April 27th, 1672, and the Treaty of Paris of 1815.
The Les Marches castle is a fortified medieval castle located in the municipality of the Marches.

The village of Les Marches was first a lordship and then, after 1682, a marquisate. It regrouped the burgs of Les Marches, Myans and Chacusard. The village was slowly divided into two parishes. In 1881, the village was then divided into two distinct municipalities: Les Marches and Myans. 

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Tourist information

The waterfall and spring of the Cernon    Chapareillan


The Cernon spring is part of the Alpe Alpette network ( more than 60 km long ) it is a major pot holing site

Téléphone : 04 76 97 68 08

Col du Granier    Apremont

Vignobles & Découvertes (5)

The Col du Granier is 1134m high and overlooks the Vallée de Grésivaudan, with the Combe de Savoie to the east and the Cluse de Chambéry to the north, with its majestic 900m-high cliff. This mountain pass lies in the shadow of the Granier, which reaches 1933m.

Téléphone : 04 79 84 42 23


Posté par Christiane sur le chemin des Huguenots le 08/06/2019 :

 Arrêt à l'Hôtel St Vincent,  Accueil sympatique,  chambres refaites,  dommage que le restaurant donnant sur l'Hôtel ne mette sa musique techno à  fond jusqu'à 23h30... Nous en profitons largement.... Pas rancunière pris petitdéjeuner chez eux car l'Hôtel ne les fais pas.

Posté par Françoise Dècle le 15/05/2019 :

 A Apremont le Gaz,l'hôtel st Vincent n'ouvre qu'à 17h30,mais en appelant au numéro affiché sur la porte,on peut obtenir un code qui permet de rentrer se mettre à l'abri ! Ils n'assurent plus les repas mais le bar juste à côté propose repas du soir et petit déjeuner .

Posté par Françoise Dècle le 14/05/2019 :

 Une fois arrivé en Savoie il n'y a plus de panneaux signalant le chemin sur les Pas des huguenots comme en Isère. Le département ne s'y intéresse-t-il pas ??

Posté par Isabelle Charest le 23/05/2017 :

Ha! les vignes, que c'est beau! Nous nous sommes arrêté au gite ''rêve de saison'' tenue par Lauretta Dematteo une artiste de la terre. Cette dame est chaleureuse et tres sympatique. La chambre ou nous avons dormi etait parfaite avec vue sur les montagnes et les vignes. A noter que St-Baldoph est tres pres d'Apremont.

Posté par Johannes Melsen le 28/03/2014 :

Le sentier "Sur les pas des Huguenots" est actuellement en cours d'homologation GR. Cette procédure induit des modifications au niveau du tracé.

Le nouveau tracé passera dans le futur par Barraux, Bellecombe, Apremont et Saint-Baldoph. Dans la mesure que ce nouveau tracé n'est pas encore balisé nous préconisons de continuer à passer par Les Marches ou de prendre contact avec le secrétariat. La topo-fiche téléchargeable sera mise en ligne dès que le balisage sera réalisé.

En vous remerciant pour votre compréhension.

Contact secrétariat français:


En vous remerciant pour votre compréhension.

Contact secrétariat français:


Tourist Offices

Bureau d'information Touristique Pontcharra    Tourism institutionsPontcharra

photo OT

It is ideally placed as a base in the heart of a region with a rich historical and cultural heritage and outstanding natural and architectural features.

Téléphone : 04 76 97 68 08

Accommodation Partners Accommodation Partners

Au pas de l'Alpette hotel-restaurant    Hotel - restaurantChapareillan

Alpette Rivolly (17)

Charming mountain hotel located in the surroundings of the Chartreuse Natural Regional Park, facing the Mont-Blanc and the Belledonne mountain range. Ideal base to go hiking in a preserved area, far from the crowd and off the beaten tracks.

Téléphone : 04 76 45 22 65

Other Accommodations

  Bed & breakfastChapareillan


  Bed & breakfastChapareillan

Chambres d'hôtes du Domaine Maréchal    Bed & breakfastApremont


Located in the middle of a wine-growing estate, this guest house offers 1 double bedroom and 1 triple bedroom with en-suites. Panoramic view, and situated at 7 km from the spa of Challes-les-Eaux.

Téléphone : 04 79 28 36 23
Téléphone : 06 03 25 41 96

  Bed & breakfastChapareillan

Michèle and her family welcome you to Chapareillan at the gateway to Savoie and the Chartreuse R.N.P. You will discover a huge house decorated with patchwork.

Téléphone : 04 76 45 24 89
Téléphone : 06 09 26 36 02

  Bed & breakfastChapareillan

Jean-Marc (ski instructor) et Gloria welcome you to their rambling house at the foot of the Chartreuse mountain range to 2 bdrms. on 2nd floor with own shower rm. et WC. Just 600m off main RN90 road between Chambéry and Grenoble. Owners speak ENGLISH, GERMAN SPANISH et ITALIAN.

Téléphone : 04 76 45 25 57
Téléphone : 06 95 11 94 75

  Bed & breakfastChapareillan

Enchanting Finnish-style chalet, out in the wild at the foot of the Granier. The setting is particularly conducive for relaxing. On 1st floor there are 2 delightful elegantly decorated cosy bdrms to sleep 2 or 3. Each bdrm. has its own facilities. Hearty, appetizing bkfsts. Use of small kitchen area. At the crossroads of the 3 valleys between Chambery and Grenoble - ideal for a stopover or break. Initiation to painting on wood can be arranged.

Téléphone : 04 76 45 59 74
Téléphone : 06 14 26 38 09

Saint-Vincent hotel    Hotel - restaurantApremont


We offer you hotel and fast food services in an old Savoy building. You can also rent a beautiful reception room (exposed stone).

Téléphone : 04 79 60 03 76


Le Saint-Vincent    Hotel-RestaurantApremont


Near Lake Saint-André, Saint-Vincent enjoys a privileged setting. Saint-Vincent offers a fast food, brasserie, pizza, and of course these Savoyard snacks.

Téléphone : 04 79 60 03 76

Auberge Saint Vincent    RestaurantApremont


This restaurant is located in a former stable in the middle of the vineyards. Its dining room was built with the stones of the Mont Granier, which you can see from the terrace.

Téléphone : 04 79 28 21 85

Au pas de l'Alpette    Hotel-RestaurantChapareillan


Typical mountain restaurant in a rural location at only 15 km from Challes-les-Eaux.

Téléphone : 04 76 45 22 65

Restaurant du Col du Granier    RestaurantApremont


Come to discover the delicious local food in the cosy atmosphere of this restaurant.

Téléphone : 04 79 65 81 02

Other Services

Pharmacie de l'Epinette    ServicesChapareillan

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