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Aix les Bains - Chindrieux

Distance 18.5km
Time 6h30
+ 985m
- 908m


At the northern end of the Bourget Lake, Chindrieux is the largest municipality of the Chautagne (canton of Ruffieux), and includes 13 hamlets: Groisin, Lachat, Expilly, Portout, Viuz, Chevigneux, Praz, Vars, la Tour, Chaudieu, Rigolet, Champfleury, and Châtillon.
The hamlet of Châtillon used to be the capital of Chautagne and the Châtillon Castle is an ancient fortified castle from the 11th century. The walls, which were built from limestone and tuff, date back to the 13th century. The buildings were built between the 13th and 15th centuries. As the center point for the Chautagne fiefdom, it was controlled by the Montluel, the Seyssel d'Aix, the Rambert, and then the Anglejean-Châtillon. Alphonse de Lamartine also lived in the castle during the summer of 1819. The castle's strategic position above the Bourget Lake gave it control of the one of the main thoroughfares in south-eastern Gaul. 
During the 11th century, the Catholic Church was faced with a lack of discipline and scheming priests in Chautagne and other regions. However the church also benefited from renewed faith due to fears about the end of the world in the year 1000. The clergy called upon religious orders to reestablish probity in the church. In Chautagne, the only parish that avoided being given to an order was that of Motz. The church, a part of its tithes, and other revenues were controlled by the Bishop of Geneva, who nominated the church's priest. Competition between the various parishes was sometimes quite fierce. Priests accused each other of using ecclesiastical wealth for their own purposes and offering no help to the populace. 
Below are several examples of obligations met by priories and parishes: The Chindrieux priory had charitable obligations on "dimanche gras" (Sunday gras), the priory offered the "aumône de la grossette", which consisted of giving rye-bread to the populace from 3 p.m. until no one was left asking. In Serrières, parishioners were responsible for the maintenance of the nave. However the priest had to contribute as well: on Corpus Christi, he had to offer 8 jugs of wine to his flock. With a treaty in 1529, he also agreed to read the Passion during every Mass from May to September in exchange for 12 jugs of wine.
Source : "CHAUTAGNE (Histoire de l'ancienne) depuis les temps les plus reculés jusqu'à la Révolution. Tome II", "Jules Masse", "2008, re-edited in 1912". 
Most of the Savoie's massifs are Alpine and include the Bauges, the Chartreuse, the Lauzière, the Vanoise, and the Beaufortain. In addition to these massifs, the Savoie encompasses part of the Jura. Located in the western part of the department, in what is known as the "Avant-pays savoyard", these regions include the Mont du Chat, the Épine and the Chambotte massif. The Chautagne represents the geological frontier between the Alps and the Jura and is part of the "Avant-pays savoyard." The region has a limestone backbone and is part of a secondary range of the Jura, which extends all the way to Switzerland. These limestone ridges, which give the region its rugged appearance, date back to the Jurassic and Cretaceous eras.
The Chautagne vineyards span roughly 200 hectares along the western edge of the Chambotte massif and near the Bourget Lake. The vineyards run from north to south on the slopes of the Gros Foug Mountain (Motz), the Mont Clergeon, the Cessens Mountain, the Mont Laval, and the Mont de Corsuet (Brison St-Innocent).
Between Le Bugey and the Bauges, the Chautagne is marked by the passage of glaciers over the last 10,000 years. The vines are located on the left bank of the Rhône before the river flows far from the Bourget Lake. 
La Chambotte - Barbara Hunziker La Chambotte - Barbara Hunziker Vue du Lac du Bourget - Barbara Hunziker Vue Chambotte - Office du tourisme de la Chautagne Four à pain Chindrieux - Office du tourisme de la Chautagne Chemins en Chautagne - Barbara Hunziker

Tourist information


Caveau de Chautagne découverte Guides du Patrimoine Savoie Mont Blanc



The Cave of Fairies    Brison-Saint-Innocent


Above Brison St Innocent, a small secure cave on the mountainside with a magnificent view of the Lac du Bourget

Téléphone : 04 79 88 68 00

The Corsuet Forest    Brison-Saint-Innocent


The Corsuet Forest, on the outskirts of Aix-les-Bains, is ideal for family excursions and joggers. It offers several lookouts over the Lac du Bourget and the Massif des Bauges.

Téléphone : 04 79 88 68 00

Oratoire de la Loi    Ruffieux

Ruffieux - oratoire la loi

This oratory was built by the Ritaud family in 1876. It is dedicated to Notre Dame des Victoires, in order to protect the village from flooding by the River Rhône.

Téléphone : 04 79 54 54 72

Chindrieux historique    Chindrieux

Chindrieux - mairie©

The village received a famous guest - Alphonse de Lamartine - whose memory is kept alive by statue on the edge of the Lac du Bourget. Dry stone walls and vine-covered steps border the communal paths and roads.

Téléphone : 04 79 88 68 00

Dry stone staircase at Lachat    Chindrieux

Chindrieux - muret Lachat

This stairway, at the entrance to the hamlet, invites you to explore Lachat and its beautiful rural houses.

Téléphone : 04 79 54 54 72

Wall alongside the Rue de l'Eglise    Chindrieux


This low wall alongside the Rue de l'Eglise supports a vineyard previously located at the foot of the Château de Chindrieux.

Téléphone : 04 79 54 54 72

Pond and wall at Pont Boccard    Ruffieux

Ruffieux - pont broccat

The pond in the village, previously covered up, is supplied by the spring water collected upstream. This is the place where washerwomen would comment on local gossip.

Téléphone : 04 79 54 54 72

Lachat Oven    Chindrieux

Four de Lachat

Ancient bread oven, bearing traces of various restorations its vaulted entrance. It was once part of an important property, as shown by its size, buttresses, side room and small vaulted cellar.

Téléphone : 04 79 54 54 72

Lavoir de Groisin    Chindrieux

Chindrieux - Lavoir Groisin 2

This heavy-framed wash house basin was built in 1898 by the residents of Groisin. Located on the edge of the RD 991, it is a meeting-point and pit-stop for the numerous cyclists doing a loop around the Lac du Bourget.

Téléphone : 04 79 54 20 36

Croix du Cri    Ruffieux

Ruffieux - croix du cri

Posté par Philippe le 18/09/2020 :

Très belle nuitée avec Nathalie au B&B "Autour du Soleil" a Chindrieux. Je peux le recommander vivement. Veuillez appeler Nathalie au préalable, elle a de bons tuyaux en réserve. 


Tourist Offices

Aix les Bains Riviera des Alpes Tourism Office/Ruffieux Reception Office    Tourism institutionsRuffieux


Provides information on the destination.

Téléphone : 04 79 88 68 00

Accommodation Partners Accommodation Partners

Other Accommodations


  Bed & breakfastChindrieux

L'Hautinière    Bed & breakfastChindrieux


Superb barn conversion, overlooking Lake Bourget, 3km from the beach. Very quiet hamlet, on a south facing hillside. Beautiful natural setting on the edge of forests.

Téléphone : 06 71 81 80 98

Les Peupliers Municipal Campsite    CampsiteChindrieux

14 juin 2009 Camping  (61)

Between the lake and nature, come and join us! The campsite team will be happy to welcome you. Whether you are in a chalet or a mobile home, or have planted your tent or parked your camper, enjoy pleasant holidays with us in Chindrieux!

Téléphone : 06 98 82 20 36

Camping de Saumont    CampsiteRuffieux


Located on the forest’s edge, 3.1 miles from the Lac du Bourget, the Camping Saumont offers a swimming pool, paddling pool and many activities: cross-country biking, tennis, badminton, canoeing, evening activities, and a nursery. Member of Camping Qualité.

Téléphone : 04 79 54 26 26

Gîte le clos des Burgondes    Group gîteBrison-Saint-Innocent


Auberge de Brison    RestaurantBrison-Saint-Innocent


Facing the lake, on the terrace or the veranda, come and taste lake fish or fried perch. Traditional cuisine 10 minutes from Aix-les-Bains.

Téléphone : 04 79 54 21 80

Restaurant Ô'Lac!    RestaurantChindrieux

Ô Lac Terasse ok

A lakeside restaurant in an exceptional location, facing South and sheltered from the North wind. Come and discover our inventive menu with fish from the lake, quality meats, cocktails and tapas.

Téléphone : 04 79 54 59 06

Le Belvédère de la Chambotte    RestaurantEntrelacs


Overlooks the whole of Lake Bourget and serves a seasonal cuisine featuring fresh regional products.

Téléphone : 04 79 88 44 06

Les Oliviers    RestaurantBrison-Saint-Innocent


A few minutes away from Aix les Bains, enjoy quality cuisine made from fresh produce, facing the Lac du Bourget.

Téléphone : 04 79 54 21 81

Le Saint' Inn    RestaurantBrison-Saint-Innocent


Beachside bar-restaurant, with your feet in the water and a splendid view of the lake. In a peaceful, wild landscape. Traditional cuisine of quality.

Téléphone : 09 83 76 28 21

Other Services

Chautagne Pharmacy    ServicesChindrieux


Medical equipment, orthopedics, phytotherapy, aromatherapy.

Téléphone : 04 79 54 20 62

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